The Capitol Building

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Coinciding with the release of the nanite plague, a great fissure opened up in the earth near the capitol building, devastating the area. This volcanic eruption released ash and magma as well as a host of subterranean creatures and infections. It is an inhospitable place with powerful, violent monsters.

This area is now starting to see development. There is not much there at the present, but updates are in progress.


Approaching the Capitol Building, Charred Streets, The Path of Ashes, A Volcanic Crater, Volcanic Cave, Rusty Walkways



  • West from the Rusty Walkways leads into the Capitol hunting area.


  • Ashen Nest: Ash Whelp ambush and supplies.
  • Charred Pickets: (background)
  • dragatorspot (background)
  • Failed Escape: (background)
  • Garage Demon: Meet Hayato the Oni Demon
  • Strange Meeting: (background)
  • Wolfrape (rescuing Blanche)
  • whelpspot (background)
  • Automaton Activity: Alexandra Police station request. Fight Automaton. Meet Jimmy the Corgi.


  • This area is opened by finding the 'Approaching The Capitol Building' event.
  • The hunting area is found by moving North twice then West once.
  • Enemies may be encountered when moving between areas.
  • The Volcanic cave is part of Athanasia's quest.