Blanche (SP)

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Blanche by Xenotropos
Blanche (SP)

Species: White Wolf
Gender: Female
Location: Office Den
Must be found?: Yes
Events: wolfrape
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry
Blanche by The_Negative


Blanche is an anthropomorphic female wolf with white fur. She has a shapely, womanly body with plump breasts and wide hips, giving her a sexy bottom beneath her fluffy tail. She has a pastel blue blouse draped over her shoulders which she hasn't bothered to button up.


Blanche is discovered through the wolfrape event in The Capitol district. If the player defeats the Ash Drakenoid attacking her, she will lead the player back to the Office Den to reward them with a Food. After talking with her, she's available for sex.


After the player has encountered all ten of the introductory events for her children and the eleventh event for the family as a whole, there is then another event where they discuss having a scavenging excursion as a family. Then there is the scavenging excursion after which the family moves to the library.

The above requires having at least 10 children, to bring her and your children with her to the Library.


Player can have the following named children with Blanche.

First Litter:

1. Sturm

2. Bianca

3. Ernest

4. Claude

Second Litter:

5. Penelope

6. Wendis

Third Litter:

7. Bernard

8. Maeve

9. Lumi

10. Casper