Rabbit Den

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The Needy Bunny Girl's hidden home.


Rabbit Den


Sandra, the needy rabbit girl


There is no hunting area immediately attached to the bunny girl's home.


  • The Rabbit Den is found by finding the 'Needy Bunny Girl' (event) twice and succeeding a Charisma check vs 13+ to convince her to talk to you. If you agree to her request, you'll be taken to her den. If you don't she will leave her address for you.
  • If you're male or herm and have sex with her twice, she'll tell you that she's been lonely and ask if she could come stay with you instead. Saying yes will move her to the Bunker Inside.

Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/e534456db4ff90930cbc146c77f039f55d9ae674/Nuku%20Valente/Desperate%20Bunny.i7x