Fire Station 86

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At the far end of the downtown red light district area stands a red brick firehouse rising up almost virtuously in protest of the depravity that has currently taken hold of the once prominent metropolis. Immaculate as the day she had been first opened the numbers 86 gleam almost smugly across the front side of the building. From the way the garage doors are void of the usual sticky messy of cum, milk and other fluids it would seem as though someone has been taking especially good care of the place. Wondering if that said someone is still inside, and hoping that if they are they have kept some of their humanity intact, you walk over to the single garage door and then bang on the front to try and get somebody's attention. A minute or two later the large metal door rolls up allowing you entrance. Entering into the cool building you find that the firehouse is exactly as you would have imagined it to be.


Fire Station 86, Firehouse, Sleeping Quarters



There is no hunting area immediately attached to the station.