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Species: Human, Dalmation
Changes species?: Yes
Gender: Male
Location: Fire Station 86
Must be found?: No
Events: Fire Station Quest
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Walking around the somewhat darkened area of the firehouse is the young firefighter Kenaz. Dark, unruly auburn hair covers the half Asian/half American's tanned head down to neck. Along the back of the firefighter's head a long ponytail sways lightly as Kenaz swings his head back and forth while listening out for trouble. At five foot eleven inches tall, Kenaz possesses bright green eyes, a somewhat thin, but muscled form and is wearing a pair of dark navy jeans, white shirt, and has a firefighter helmet on. The latter is kept on as a good luck charm for the firefighter, or so he says. Unlike many people within the city Kenaz is both completely human and fully male, if the bulge inside of the firefighter's pants and lack of breasts anywhere on him are any indication of things. Odd considering everything that's going on, but then again...

Kenaz's appearance changes as his story progresses.


Helping Kenaz find his missing firefighters is detailed in the Fire Station Quest.



Having been reunited with each other and now sharing a bond of brotherhood, the likes of which they couldn't before when Othala had been a female, the Dalmatian firefighters are busy doing everything bachelors could hope to do inside with their freedom inside of the firehouse. Most of them seem to be completely disregarding Kenaz as the other tries to get them to straighten up, however between him and Othala the rest of the pack don't get too far out of hand. And yet, that doesn't mean that all is perfect inside of the firehouse as [one of]the other guys are busy mounting one another[or]the others are playing cards and talking overly loud at the moment[or]Pertho is busy trying to hump Kenaz[or]the guys are having a water balloon fight inside of the firehouse[or]everyone is busy rolling around on the floor in a giant dog pile[or]Kenaz is trying to get the others to do some drills...without much success[or]everyone is busy goofing off at the moment[at random]. [if Kenaztalk is 2]Though not as bad as they could have to wonder if there is some way to make some kind of change within the group. Since you're not a part of the firefighter's crew you more than likely wouldn't have much say so with the group...yet maybe Kenaz could? That is...if he were to gain some more extra [']oomph['] about himself. But how to make that happen...[end if]


Finding all the firefighters allows the player to play cards with the crew. Winning a charisma check gives the player a bottle of water, while losing infects the player with Dalmation. There are not currently any other interactions with the rest of the crew.


  • Kenaz has both a dominant and submissive route.
  • You can find out how to get his dominant MaleHerm route here Dominant Kenaz.
  • After bringing all his firefighters to the firehouse, the player may talk to Kenaz to work out with him. If the player's strength is less than 18, they'll gain a point in it. Working out increases hunger and thirst, and if the player's strength is 18 or above, they will not gain further points and will instead gain the Dalmation infection.