Slut Rat Quest

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Slut Rat Quest

Quest Giver: Ronda
Starting Location: Smith Haven Mall
Starting Event: Captive Rat*
Event Area: Mall
Bonus Time: 2 days
Creator: NukuV/Stripes

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Guy, Girl, Hermaphrodite, Furry, Humorous

The slut rats are an optional creature which the player can 'inadvertently' unleash into the game. As a corruption of the Mall Rats living at Smith Haven Mall, they move into the sewers below, living lives of slutty indolence. A long-standing 'Easter Egg' of the game, they've received some added development recently, gaining a den of their own and a small quest to find them some more amusement. A quest to return Ronda back to normal has also been added.

Slut Rats

Slut Rats Unleashed

Location of Quest Start: Sewers under the Smith Haven Mall
"Excuse me, Ronda. Does this smell funny to you?"

'Guy' must not be flagged to gain demon seed.
'Furry' and 'Hermaphrodite' must not be flagged for the Slut Rats to be properly added to the game.
  1. Optional: Encounter the Captive Rat event to give you ideas.
  2. Obtain a sample of demon seed and 'give' it to Ronda.
  3. Watch the fun and enjoy the new critter down in the mall sewers.
There is now a pack of horny, big-cocked rats in the sewers. Wait? Was this really a good idea?
Game extended by 2 days. A Slutty Rats' Nest is now available.

A Slutty Rats' Nest

Location of Quest Start: Sewers under the Mall
Requirements: Completion of Slut Rats Unleashed
If they keep dragging me off to their den for orgies, why don't I just go there myself?

  1. Locate Slut Rats in the sewers and start losing/submitting to them.
  2. Try a few times and you should remember where the Slutrat Den is (new nav point).
  3. Go there for some fun. Resist or partake in the welcoming festivities as you see fit for a variety of different scenes to play out.
You can now go to the Slutrat Den to enjoy their company and play darts. Eight Ball in the Back Pocket is now available.

Eight Ball in the Back Pocket

Location of Quest Start: Slutrat Den
Rats: "I'm sick of darts. We should find another game to play down here. New girl, you're still looking around upstairs, aintcha? How 'bout you look for something cool for us to do down here?" (Creator: Stripes)
Requirements: Completion of A Slutty Rats' Nest
Note: This is an optional side quest and can be completed separately from the content to rescue Ronda.

  1. Go visit the Slutrat Den. Play darts 5 times to activate a special conversation.
  2. Visit the High Rise District and locate the Pool Hall event.
  3. Return to the Slutrat Den and attempt to marshal the troops.
  4. Return victorious with the spoils of battle.
Adds a pool table to the Slutrat Den's amusements. talk pool to invite a random rat to play for sex and rat prestige. To the victor goes the spoils. So shall you play to win or play to lose?

Rescuing Ronda

After Ronda and the others are transformed into Slut Rats, the player will have an opportunity to perform a quest to reunite Rod and Ronda. This is a sizable quest with multiple steps, but it does not need to be done to access the other Slut Rat content. This quest was created in whole by Stripes.

Part 1: Guilt Trip

Location of Quest Start: Smith Haven Mall's Food Court]]
Rod: "My sweet Ronda's gone, captured and infected by some crazy sex rats. Did you hear about that yet?" Player: "Uhh..."
Requirements: Wait two days after completing 'Slut Rats Unleashed'.
Special Note: This quest content is locked if any of 'girl', 'guy', 'hermaphrodite', 'furry' or 'humorous' content is banned.

  1. Wait at least two days after turning Ronda into a Slut Rat.
  2. Talk to Rod.
  3. Feel guilty.

Part 2: Professional Help

Location of Quest Start: Smith Haven Mall: Mysterious Shop
Nermine: "Ahh... I was wondering who the rat boy would find to be helping him. Ironic that he should be picking you, eh?" Player: "Uhh..."
Requirements: Talk to Rod to complete the 'Guilt Trip'.

  1. Obtain the two items Nermine has requested: lizard juice (from a Lizard Girl) and an Awesomest Fruit (Awesome Tree).
  2. Bring them back to Nermine.
Automatically unlocks the next portion: Art Collector

Part 3: Art Collector

Location of Quest Start: Smith Haven Mall: Mysterious Shop
Nermine: "Art collector is living in penthouse." Player: "Penthouse?" Nermine: "Yes." Player: "Of that skyscraper?" Nermine: "Yes." Player: "Uhh..."
Requirements: Complete Part 2 - Professional Help.

  1. Travel to the High Rise District.
  2. Search for the Art Collector event to ascent the tower. This increase your thirst by 12 and your hunger by 6. It also drops your hp by a 6th due to exhaustion.
  3. Upon reaching the top, you'll face the transformed art collector, now a Leopardman with a harem of needy females. Beat him to obtain the artifacts required. Fail to take impromptu flying lessons.
  4. Return to Nermine to obtain Ronda's cure.

Part 4: Reunion

Location of Quest Start: Smith Haven Mall's Food Court
Rod: So dude, all I need ya to do is find the sex rat's den, find which one's Ronda and make her take the cure. Easy. Player: Uhh...
Requirements: Complete Part 3 - Art Collector.

  1. Talk to Rod to learn how to find the Slutrat Den.
  2. If you've not already done so, complete 'A Slutty Rats' Nest' to find the Slutrat Den.
  3. Talk to Rod to learn how to identify Ronda.
  4. Return to the Slutrat Den to try and identify Ronda. You must have a Slut Rat body and can make an attempt every 24 hours.
  5. After finding her, partake in some recreation while waiting for her to be free, then lead her off to talk somewhere private and hear her new plan.
Change Ronda back:
  • Refuse Ronda's plan and she'll attack. Beat her (lvl 9 Slut Rat) to make her take the cure.
  • Upon returning to the surface, you'll get some playtime with Rod and the new Ronda if you'd like.
Change Rod:
  • Accept Ronda's plan and lure Rod down into the sewers for Ronda to snag and infect.
  • Sex up Rod and transform him into a subby Slut Rat.
If you side with Rod and successfully save Ronda, you'll be able to snag some food, chips and soda while the two horny rats get reacquainted. Ronda will return to the Mall Atrium with new dialog. This will allow access to meeting Lucy in Part 5.
If you side with Ronda and infect Rod, they'll both be moved to the SlutRat Den and be available for sexy fun times with the player.

Part 5: Girlfriend

Location of Quest Start: Smith Haven Mall's Food Court
Rod: So dude. We're totally gonna do you a solid and introduce you to this hot rat who wants to be your girlfriend. Player: Uhh...
Requirements: Complete Part 4 - Reunion by opting to save Ronda.

  1. Divest yourself of any lingering Slut Rat infection you may have. Rod will give an occasional reminder about this when you encounter him.
  2. Return to the Smith Haven Mall's Food Court to be roped into meeting Lucy, the sexy mall rat.
Lucy is now in the Smith Haven Mall's Atrium and is open for fun with the player. She is infectious with the Mall Rat strain.