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Species: Orc Warrior
Gender: Male
Combat: Yes
Location: Orc Lair
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Orcish Slave Raid
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy


Mul is the prime example of an orcish warrior - tall and very muscular, with somewhat oversized hand and feet as compared to a human. Currently, he's sitting at a table in the drinking hall, quaffing back large glasses of orc brew while watching a nearby fight. His back is turned to you, so he hasn't noticed your presence - and that's good, since he sees you as his property and sex slave.


Mul, along with his brothers Koghh and Yatur are part of the Orcish Slave Raid encountered in the Warehouse District. To interact with him and his brothers, the player must be Captured. Any failed attempt by the player to escape will result in one or all of the bothers having their way with the player. The player may also choose not to resist the sex in order to find a means to escape. Sex with the brothers will result in a double dose of the Orc Breeder infection.

After having escaped, if the player returns to the Orc Lair with an Orc Warrior body, the player may encounter Mul as an enemy between the entrance and mail hall. Winning this fight and choosing to top him allows the player to have more fun at his expensive in the Main Hall.

Koghh and Yatur

These two orc brothers are only available for sex if the player has been captured during the Orc Slave Raid event. The player may be captured as many times as they wish. Koghh and Yatur also have a M/M scene that can be seen if they player waits outside the interrogation room.