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Species: Orc Warrior
Gender: Male
Location: Orc Lair
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Orcish Slave Raid
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy


Boghrim is flat out the biggest, toughest-looking orc warrior you've seen yet. With his towering stature and rippling muscles under his green skin, you certainly wouldn't want to fight him - as in, ever. Even the strongest of the other orcs in the drinking hall have more than a little respect for him, explaining why the large and comfortable black leather couch he occupies stands on a low, but expansive platform built in one corner of the big room. It's clear that this orc is the established boss here. Besides him on the sofa, you can see a naked orc breeder, always ready to hand his master a drink from the well-laden table to the side, and kneeling on the floor between Boghrim's legs is Jason, the young man you saw the orc bring in before. The human now wears a spike-studded black leather collar and is worshiping his owner's cock and balls, slowly licking and stroking them.


Boghrim can be found in the Main Hall of the Orc Lair once the player has Escaped after Being Captured. The player must have an Orc Warrior body to enter the Main hall.

The player may unlock various sex scenes with Boghrim through the following events:

  1. To have the opportunity to be fucked by Boghrim and proceed with events, the player must first defeat an Orc Champion (250hp).
  2. Afterward, the player may talk to him about Going Hunting. This leads to a fight against a Hydra. The player is given the option of how he wants to deal with the spoils of war.
  3. After Boghrim has acknowledged the player's strength, the player may attempt to be the one on top. This leads to a fight with Boghrim (300hp) as the player wrestles with him for dominance.

The player may try again if they lose or flee this fight. Loss, of course, leads to Boghrim being on top.


Boghrim may be encountered east of the Main hall. He will offer to let players with an Orc Body have a turn with his slave Jason in exchange for a food. He makes the same offer if asked in the Main Hall.