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This page currently lists many of the "quests" in the game. These pages contain significant spoilers and should be used either by players who are stuck and unable to proceed, or players who aren't bothered by spoilers.

Quests listed here are grouped by complexity and scope with notes detailing the differences between each.

Main Storyline Quests

These are the components working around the main story line dealing with Dr. Matt.

Character Tasks and Quests

These quests focus primarily on a single character. Quests which affect multiple characters or are location/event centered are located below.

Multi-Character Quests

Quests which equally involve multiple participants.

Major Character Quests

These quests have significantly more content and are more fleshed out than the quests above. They require the completion of multiple tasks to finish.

Location/Event Quests

These quests either don't involve NPCs or involve them only as minor actors. They focus either on a location or a specific event.