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Thomas, commission drawn by Geir

Gender: Herm, Male, Female
Changes gender: Yes
Location: Dry Plains
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Centaur Gangbang
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Hermaphrodite, Guy, Girl
Felix & Thomas, commission drawn by Geir


Thomas is a good-looking black man with a muscular chest - which leads over to a strong equine body below his belly button. His lower half has a beautiful black coat shining in the [if daytimer is day]sunlight[otherwise]moonlight[end if], while his goatee and the shoulder-long dreadlocks on his head are blond - as well as is his tail.

Further description changes based on player action.


Thomas is found in the Dry Plains with the Centaur Gangbang event. If the player chooses to rescue him from his Centaur Stallion attackers, he will face three fights with them before driving them off. Losing or failing to intervene leads to Thomas being removed from the game.

Thomas, formerly human, finds himself changed into a Centaur. He asks the player if there's anything different "back there." Thomas has become a Herm and the player can say as much, which will allow the player to choose whether to keep Thomas as a herm or shift him into a full male. If the player chooses not to mention his extra equipment, Thomas will lose his pussy and become a pure Centaur Stallion. Choosing to feel him up results in him leaving the game.

After a little over a day passes, Thomas seeks revenge on his attackers. He's contracted some Prairie Dogs to dig a pit trap as part of his plan, but he needs another 5 soda cans to pay them. Once supplied, you may head to the Prairie Dog Miners with Thomas. There, in addition to the Soda, they demand sexual favors as "danger pay." The player may acquiesce to their demands, make a strength check to intimidate them, or an intelligence check to remind them of their contractual obligations. Failure on either of them two checks results in the same result as if they had given in and gives the player a triple dose of Prairie Dog infection. After this, there is an scene where the player helps Thomas run his attackers into the pit and rescues their Mare, Sandy.

After a bit more than a day passes again, the player may return to the Dry Plains and find Thomas immediately requesting the player's aid in helping someone. This results in a fight with a Behemoth to save Felix, another Centaur Stallion. Win, lose or flee, the Behemoth is distracted enough to allow Felix to escape.

Another event occurs a day later, with a Centaur Mare named Jill asking to join Thomas's growing herd. She is being pursued by her father and suitors, to whom she is promised to be sold. If they player chooses to help defend them, they will face a series of four fights against Centaur Stallions. If the player chooses not to participate or flees, Thomas and the others are removed from the game.


  • The player may talk with Thomas once per day to regain 5 humanity.
  • The player receives the Centaur Stallion infection from being on the giving end of sex with Thomas, and Centaur Mare if on the receiving end.
  • Endings for Thomas include having children with the player, with Jill, and with Felix among other options.