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Species: Feral Wolf
Gender: Male
Combat: Yes
Location: Urban Forest
Must be found?: Yes
Events: None
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Beta: The feral wolf creature seems to be doing better in his new home. He is looking more confident and strong as he sits obediently on watch, clearly adjusting well to his improved position as your beta. His fur is a mix of black and dark grey fur that blends into the shadows as he watches the door with his bright, yellow eyes. You are pleased with how he's turning out so far. He's not made a mess around the Library and remains on his long, rope leash. The fact that he cleverly unties and reties its anchoring point to get around when you're not looking doesn't bother you very much, as the fact he still wears it shows he recognizes your authority as his master.

Alpha: The feral wolf creature is now prowling around freely in the Library, unchained and without a collar. Your beastly wolf has a mix of black and dark grey fur that blends into the shadows as he stands on watch. Fang looks quite assertive as he patrols, his bright, yellow eyes shining with confidence in his new position as the alpha wolf. He's seems bigger now, having grown larger since asserting himself over you. And this size growth doesn't seem to be limited to just his body. His sheath and balls are also plumper and fuller, proper for a virile alpha such as he. You feel a rush of excitement as you look at him, your alpha wolf, feral instincts making you want to submit to him again.


Fang is found after defeating four Feral Wolves in the Urban Forest. The defeat of the fourth one will allow the player to bring him home with them.

If the player has recruited Sandra, they may encounter threesomes between her and Fang. Sandra plays a key role if the player wishes to make him the Alpha in this pack.

NOTE*: It's possible to obtain Alpha Fang without Sandra.

Alpha with Sandra

  1. Don't have sex with Fang or Sandra for three or more days.
  2. Sandra will sneak out to have some fun with Fang giving you the option to join in or watch.
  3. Watch this time and wait for three more days.
  4. When you receive the second scene between the two this time join in. Does not matter which position you take in the encounter.
  5. After this wait for about ten turns and then fuck Fang at the bottom of the list there will be an option to have a threesome with Sandra. Choose this option four times until you are given the option to let Fang Dominate you.

Assertive Alpha without Sandra(dominated)

  1. Don't have sex more than 5 times prior to this.
  2. Wait three or more days then return to The Grey Abbey
  3. He will attempt to force himself on you and you will be given 2 choices, either submit to him making him the alpha or reassert yourself as alpha locking him to Omega.

Beta or Gentle Alpha

  1. Have sex with fang at least 6 times
  2. Wait 4 days
  3. After some dialogue you will be give the to choice to accept him as a beta, keep him as is, and ask him to be Alpha.

Hyper Alpha and Permanently Hyper Alpha Fang

  1. Have non-gentle Male Alpha Fang (Assertive Alpha or Alpha with Sandra above)
  2. Encounter (or hunt for) the Mysterious Briefcase event in any outside area (such as the Library entrance), and keep it
  3. Random chance on going to the Library entrance (can nav someplace else and back) to have Fang break into the briefcase, and should have a Hyper Sex option in his sex menu
  4. Progress the hospital quest line started with Dr Matt at the Trevor Labs nav point until defeating Dr Mouse (must side with Dr Matt)
  5. Discuss with Fang about making the Hyper transformation permanent, then have him follow you as a companion and go to Trevor Labs and speak to Dr Matt about it

Locked beta interactions with NPCs and pets


Alexandra Bitch- Given an option of allowing fang to breed Alex or to stop him. This choice has an influence on some of Alex's content as well as feats earned, afterwards this scene will happen multiple times if allowed. To access the threesome content with Alex and Fang you must go into her sex menu.

Amy- Given an option of allowing fang to breed Amy or to put him in his place. The scene with the two of them only happens once but afterwards you may go into Amy's sex menu and choose to have a threesome with them.

Carl Beta- Given an option between watching Fang top Carl to cement himself higher int he pack. This event seems to only happen once.

Carl Assertive- Given an option to watch Carl top Fang as punishment for the fight Fang instigated. This event has two variations, the second one may happen multiple times.

Elijah The Pure- Just a simple once only scene involving guardians receiving a "helping hand".

Eric Cuntboy/ Erica- You are presented two options the first is to follow CB Eric in the bunker to see what he is up to. The second choice is to either grab fang by his neck to stop him or allow it to happen and watch. This leads to why its listed for both versions of Eric, if you allow fang to continue and talk to Eric after he asks you about becoming pure female. You can say he should stay as is or help him but either way it seems Fangs scene only happens once but is very important none the less.

Fiona- This event takes place randomly but may be repeated with the option to go out and watch again or simply ignore the sounds.

Helen- This event will simply happen with no option to stop it/ walk away. It only happens once but afterwards you may find a threesome option in Helen's sex menu. Slight differences depend on id Helen is awesome yet or not.

Sandra- The most important NPC interaction for Fang, it sets him up to either be locked as a beta or locked as the alpha. You given an option to either watch them have sex or to join them in the event, joining them will lead to a threesome option being added to Fang's menu. Completing the threesome multiple times will lead to Fang trying to assert dominance and you either allowing it or putting him in his place in true alpha fashion.

Sidney Wusky Form- This scene happens only once and it happens without an option to stop it.

Xerxes- This event will simply happen with no option to stop it/ walk away. It only happens once but afterwards you may find a threesome option in Xerxes sex menu. Slight differences depend on id Xerxes is awesome yet or not.


Felinoid Companion- Most of the Scenes involving these two males are more along the lines of competition over being top male and are reflected in sex scenes. An example would be having sex with Xerxes with fang and the felinoid watching with jealousy and vice versus. The winner of which one is truly top male is decided by which one you have sex with more as well as the status of fang either beta or alpha.


Fang and Candy by Dolphpup (Isil)
  • Fang is only infectious if he becomes an Alpha, providing the Feral Wolf infection at that time.
  • If Alpha Fang is left unsexed for too long, he may pounce the player to achieve satisfaction.
  • Fang has numerous interactions with other NPCs, including Sandra, Candy, Bad Alexandra, Helen, Xerxes, the Felinoid Companion and many others. These are often restricted or vary depending on whether Fang is Alpha or Beta.
  • For now, a player who has girls banned can still get Alpha Fang, however it is planned so that there is a way to make Fang an Alpha without having to actually get Sandra. (UPDATE*: Its is possible to get Alpha Fang without Sandra now)