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Location: Urban Forest
Level: 5
HP: 28/64
Damage: 6/10
Loot: Skunk Goo
Target Gender: Female
Tail Strike?: Yes
Alt Combat?: Yes
Endings?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Girl, Furry


Heat?: Yes
Heat Cycle: 5 days
Duration: 2 days
Female Heat?: Yes
MPreg Heat?: No
Core Effect
Skunkbeast attraction

Author- Damaged

Danger Level: 5, Typical Environment: Urban Forest

Appearance: Skunk Girl (70%)

A very female anthropomorphic skunk with hints of animal, its curves and beasts leave you wanting, without any reservations, to fuck it senseless.

Appearance: Skunk Beast (30%)

This Skunk Beast would easily pass for a normal animal, if it weren't for two things. One, the creature is the size of a small horse, and two, it's sporting the biggest erection you've ever seen as it waddles around on all fours. Which is a bit less than comforting, with the way it looks into your eyes.


  • You need to be sprayed by skunks a few times before you'll be fucked during victory/loss scenes with the skunk beast.
  • Heat: The Skunk heat starts by increasing the player's cunt sizes and works continuously to raise her libido as well as her attractiveness to the skunk beasts.
  • The encounters with these creatures are changed completely should the player have completed the Skunkbeast Lord quest.
  • Drops skunk goo. (needed for a few quests)