Rare Item Quest

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Rare Item Quest

Quest Giver: Nermine
Starting Location: Mysterious Shop
Creator: Sarokcat

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Guy, Girl, Furry

Rare Item Quest (Jackalman)

The Rare Items shelf in Nermine's shop is looking a little sparse and she's willing to pay you in gold for your assistance. Golden ankhs that is!

Note: This quest and the Helper Quest are mutually exclusive.

Step 1 - Strange Fruit

  1. Locate Nermine's shop, either via the Smith Haven Mall or the 'Strangeshop' event.
  2. Talk to Nermine and talk rare counter to enter into a series of jobs for Nermine to restock the rare items counter. Accepting her offer will begin the quest.
  3. Explore the Park until discovering the 'Twisted Fruit Grove' event. This is done by moving north of Diego and typing 'hunt twisted fruit grove' until you find it. You must then defeat 3 Parasitic Plants. Failure results in a unique scene with a chance to try again. WARNING: The second attempt will have a harder battle, losing which results in a unique game over instead.
  4. Return to the Mysterious Shop and talk rare counter to give her the twisted fruits in trade for your first strange ankh.
  5. Use the strange ankh to gain your first jackalman mutation.
Granted the first Jackalman mutation: the tail (+4 Dexterity). This form will revert any other tail mutation back to it.
Freeing the Felinoid from the plants during event unlocks the 'Injured Felinoid' event, which may allow you to gain it as the Felinoid Companion.

Step 2 - Pirate Gold

  1. Talk rare counter to hear her next request: to obtain some rare, golden coins.
  2. Complete the A treasure well earned! quest to obtain some pirate treasure to bring back to her.
  3. Once acquired, talk rare counter again to gain another strange ankh.
  4. Use the Strange Ankh to gain your next Jackalman mutation.
Granted the second jackalman mutation: the skin (+3 Charisma, +3 Stamina). This form will revert any other skin mutation back to it.

Step 3 - Silver Jewelry

  1. Talk rare counter to hear her next request: to steal some silver bracelets from the Museum. But it turns out to not be as simple as that.
  2. Explore the Museum until you locate the 'Stolen Jewelry' event to discover that they've already been stolen. A successful Perception check is needed to discover that hyenas may have been involved.
  3. Return to the Museum Foyer and talk to everyone's favorite Sphinx, Valerie. She'll tell you to locate how the thieves got in past her.
  4. Continue exploring in the Museum until you find the 'Alternative Entry' event and pass another Perception check to successfully follow the trail of evidence to a back exit. You must defeat a Sabretooth to complete the event and move on to the next step.
  5. Discovering that the hyenas have escaped down into the sewers, you need some help from Mary the Ewe at the New Ewe Store. You will have to complete the Little Lost Lamb quest to free her if you haven't already done so.
  6. You will now have to track down the hyenas involved to obtain the treasures by encountering the 'Hyena Challenge' event found outside:
    If you have no special standing as part of the hyena gang, fight four Herm Hyena and then their hyena matriarch in a very tough battle. If you lose against the matriarch, the quest can advance no further.
    If you are already the hyena matriarch, this part of the quest is automatically completed w/o battle.
    If you're a gang member of low standing (defeated once or twice by the matriarch), this portion of the quest automatically fails, though they do enjoy the attempt.
  7. Once the jewelry is obtained, talk rare counter to obtain another strange ankh as a reward. The last one, according to her.
  8. Use the strange ankh to gain your next Jackalman mutation.
Granted the third Jackalman mutation: the head (+4 Charisma, +4 Perception). This form will revert any other head mutation back to it.
You can now sleep with Nermine every 18 hours as her lover.
Completion to the quest to this point will result in small additional scenes to the end of game montage.

Step 4 - The Final Ankh (Optional)

  1. While offering to talk rare counter will have Nermine claim there are no more strange ankhs, there is some else out there who can help you complete the transformation.
  2. Explore the Museum until you locate the 'Anubis Statue' event where someone sends you to the Zoo to gather some new ingredients for him.
  3. Adventure in the City Zoo until the Bestial Pheromones event is encountered and defeat a pair of Cheetah Women to gather the desired stuff.
  4. Return to the 'Anubis Statue' event and claim your final, enhanced ankh!
  5. Use the strange ankh to gain your final, powerful Jackalman mutation.

Once acquired, talk to Nermine via the help Nermine command and gain another Jackal totem.

  1. Use the jackal totem to gain your final jackal man mutations.
  2. Return to talk/fuck Nermine to exert your new dominance over her, making her into your slutty jackal bitch.
Granted the final Jackalman mutations: the body and groin (+4 Strength, +2 Dexterity). You will now revert to a pure Jackalman after any changes. Gender shifts will persist, but the form will always be that of a Jackalman.
You can now sleep with Nermine every 18 hours as her dominant master.


Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/6660ee268214867edc470a9f2d67271878e56572/Sarokcat/Nermine.i7x