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Species: Human, Dragontaur, Vixentaur, Dracovixentaur
Changes species?: Yes
Gender: Male, Female, Herm
Changes gender: Yes
Combat: Yes
Location: Mini-Lab
Must be found?: No
Events: Another Researcher
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Girl, Hermaphrodite, Furry


Sam is an average looking human male. He's roughly six feet tall and with a strong build. Having seen him undressed when you first encountered him, you know he's physically fit, neither thin nor chiselled[sic]. The constant exercise of travelling [sic] around the city to fight and fuck monsters has toughened him up. He's got brown hair and eyes. There is a bit of stubble on his face, probably seeing little need to shave regularly out here. At 21 years old and in university, he's been sent here as part of a research project to gather samples of the nanites. He's hard at work at his lab station, running analyses on his recent acquisitions.

Sam's appearance changes based on the outcome of his events.


Sam is found through the Another Researcher event in Outside Exploration. He asks the player to find samples of various infected.

  1. He asks first for Cheetah milk x2 and Rhino cum x2 from animals in the zoo, rewarding the player with a food and water.
  2. Next the player is tasked with finding one each of blue, purple and pink goo, dropped from their respective colored gels in the red light district. For this, he rewards the player with a soda and chips.
  3. Lastly, he asks the player for 2 Eagle feathers, which can be found in the dry plains.
  4. Upon returning to deliver these, the player will find Sam being attacked by his former colleague. The player has the opportunity to either raid Sam's supplies in the chaos, watch events unfold, run away, or to intervene on Sam's behalf.
  5. If the player succeeds in defeating the aggressor, the large feline will throw Sam into his collected samples, causing him to rapidly transform. Sam asks the player to infect him with a large dose of a single infection to override the multiple infections he's received.

The vials provided are for a male form and a female form, though the player may choose to use both to turn Sam into a herm. Afterward, Sam will move into the bunker and is available for sex.

They can be found in the Large Shed in the Library once recruited.


  • The form the player chooses for Sam will also release monsters of the same time into the Outside Exploration area.
  • If the player turns Sam into one gender or the other, they will have an extra vial. They are given the option of forcing it on Sam at a later point if they so choose. This will result in a fight.