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Species: Mutt
Gender: Male
Location: Bone-Appetit
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Gourmet Treats
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


François, the unusual hybrid before you, has an appearance that can only be described as a mutt. His short stocky canine body and face are covered with a thick mottled coat of fur made up of several different colours and patterns, there even appear to be small feathers poking out of his pelt in several places. Finally, a rather feline set of ears and tail complete the appearance. He wears a surprisingly clean white apron over his torso, which does a reasonable job of protecting his decency, while still allowing his long tail to flit about unhindered.


Francois is found in the High Rise District with the Gourmet Treats event. This event involves a combat against a canine opponent, where winning or losing will introduce the player to Francois. Choosing to flee removes Francois from the game.

He also appears in Karen's quest, Forgotten Past


After meeting François, he will offer to BAKE some treats for you if you'll bring him new ingredients for him to experiment cooking with. These treats, made with infectious drop items, have strange and unusual effects. In the game, these recipes need to be discovered by bringing him the ingredients before they will be part of his regular recipe book. If there are possible undiscovered recipes, he will offer hints on what to gather when speaking to him. Any recipes rendered invalid by banning content will not be referenced in this manner.

Current baking creations:

  • Bleuettonne: blue gel + chocolate milk = ball size increase
  • Boysenberry Blossom: Blue Gel + Awesome Fruit = cock length increase
  • Crème Abondante: pink gel + distilled milk = more (up to 8) and bigger breasts
  • Muffin muffin: awesomer fruit + pink gel = increase cunt sizes
  • Lollicock: musky cock flower + honeycomb = 25% chance to give you a candy cock
  • dragon moelleux: dragon scale + glowing ember + chocolate milk = combat: fire breath attack
  • fizz-aux-Pommes: pony cider + soda + crushed candies = combat: +3 to dodge, +3 to hit and +15 libido
  • vin-coeur: crushed candies + Satyr wine + wyvern goop = combat: +2 to damage, -1 to dodge, -1 to hit
  • Gingerbread: egg nog + pixie dust + blue gel = Causes a unique gingerbread man infection
  • Cheesecake: cheese + pixie dust + pink gel = Causes a unique cheesecake girl infection, with two different forms for eating one or two pieces at a time


Francois will only have sex with players that have a cock.