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Species: Western Dragon
Changes species?: No
Gender: Male
Changes gender: No
Location: High Rise District
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Strange Sighting
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry, Feral


No longer a weakling, Kyrverth has become a feral stud of a dragon. Just over 7 foot tall and built like an athlete, the dragon seems to have reached his final size. He is 12 feet long from head to backside, and a reddish tail extends another 8 feet past that. A blond mane sits above a large muzzle with large, expressive blue eyes, which look around constantly for threats to his hoard. A mouth filled with sharp teeth, ready to tear into anything that tries to steal from the dragons den, ensures that whatever he spots, wont get away with the treasure. Wide shoulders conceal massive batlike wings that stretch at times to almost 50 feet wide, you know Kyrverth can fly with them and often see him carrying supplies through the air on his way back to the den. As you look at Kyrverths long prehensile tail, you notice something interesting - Two large balls sit behind a bulging vent. You wonder if you could tempt the dragon into playing with you at some point...



When you first meet him, in Strange Sighting, he's a rather small dragon and is hiding in a bar.

If you choose not to investigate he will be removed from play, if you do interact you can later find him by going to the High Rise District then going west then south.

First Quest Chain:

Part 1: You can visit him in the bank where he asks you to get something for his non-existent hoard. You can find this piece of hoard treasure by searching in the High Rise District.

Part 2: He will ask you to get 3 pieces of chainmail from the Knights in the Urban Forest.

Part 3: Gather three dragon scales from the Yamato Dragon in the Park or five hairs from the Yamato Dragoness.

Kyrverth is special in that each time you give him an item to expand his hoard he expands to match.

At this stage you can have sex with him, but only M/M for now.

Second Quest Chain:

Once the first quest chain is completed multiple events become available around the city. These are located in the Museum, Stables, Red Light District, Warehouse district, and Beach.

These events are:

-Valuable Museum Artifact - rewards Anubis Mask

-Valuable Warehouse Artifact - rewards High Tech Tiger Suit

-Valuable RLD Artifact - rewards Golden Sculpture

-Valuable Stables Artifact - rewards Racing Horseshoe

-Curious Pearl - rewards Black Pearl

Each item is unique and only one item can be acquired per playthrough as completing one event will make the others unavailable.

The items do not appear in the inventory but when speaking to Kyrverth he will notice the artifact and you can give it to him for a large boost in his size.

Speech at this point becomes deliberately over arrogant, and after 12 turns there is a 1/4 chance of the artifact becoming available to steal when you talk to him.

If the player chooses to 'Rob The Bank' they will have the item in their inventory, Kyrverth will go back to his previous size and become enraged. The player cannot return for 6 turns and when they can return he will not engage in sex with the player, focusing on catching the thief.

Using the item at this point will result in a unique transformation which will cause an instant Game Over and Bad-End.

Speaking to Kyrverth you may get the prompt to 'Give it back' and doing so will remove the item from your inventory, bring Kyrverth back to his final size, and result in a confrontation which locks the player out again. When the player does return Kyrverth will have placed the artifact under heavier security to make sure it cannot be stolen again, however he will also not be as arrogant as before.

Sex with the player becomes available again at this point, however at the moment none has been written and it is just placeholders.


Some of the fights are relatively hard, so this quest chain is not recommmended for lower level players