Shemale Smooth Collie

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Shemale Smooth Collie

Location: Outside
Level: 9
HP: 50
Damage: 8
Loot: Dog Milk
Target Gender: Herm
Alt Combat?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Heat?: Yes
Heat Cycle: 8 days
Duration: 4 days
Female Heat?: Yes
MPreg Heat?: Yes
Core Effect
Automatic sex (w/Smooth Shemale Collie)

Author- Voldine

Danger Level: 9, Typical Environment: Outside


This canine beast looks quite a bit like Lassie, if Lassie were twelve feet tall, and walked upright and had the general shape of an attractive woman, and had eight rather large breasts and a dick that would probably cause a stallion some envy...oh, and much shorter fur. You know, I guess she doesn't look much like Lassie after all.


  • Unique: There is only one of this creature in the game, searching for a mate to breed.
  • Heat: The Shemale Smooth Collie's heat constantly pushes the player's libido up. Should it become too high for too long, the player will snap and try to find the Shemale Smooth Collie creature and submit to her.
  • If you lose to her while pregnant she will have mercy on you and not want to do anything to hurt the baby.
  • Ending may make use of the mpreg feat if you have it.
  • Drops dog milk. (part of the main quest line as well as used in several side quests)