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Lost and scattered in the city are several infected creatures which the player can take on as pets. A player is allowed to collect as many of these as they can find, but only one can be active at a time, sometimes known as the companion/ally of the player. If the player has a companion/ally, it has a random chance of attacking enemies while in combat. Pet's have a base 25% chance of attacking each round, further improved by a player's Charisma and some feats. Pets have starting stats that improve as they level up, which they do by participating in combat. They earn their own experience, but cannot become a higher level than the player. They also gain improved Dexterity and damage gradually as they level up. A player gains a little less XP while using a pet. Most pets/allies come with their own endings, or may even have modified endings in combination with certain NPCs or infections. They may also possess special in-game scenes and content under special circumstances.

Notes About Pets/Allies

  • Pets/Allies gain levels faster from random encounters and only gain exp if they attack (doesn't need to land the hit)
  • Pets/Allies chances of attacking is determine by Player's Charisma Stat
  • Pets/Allies only attack on turns the player attacks

Pet / Ally Commands

Pets Commands

The following commands are used to control pets in the game. Pets can also be looked at and a pet's level can be seen by having it joined to you and looking at yourself.

  • pet - Shows a list of the pets collected.
  • pet <name> - Have the named pet join and fight by your side.
  • dismiss - Have your current pet stop helping you.

Ally Commands

The following are the updated commands (please be advised that pets can still be used as an alternative)

  • Allies - Shows a list of the pets /allies that has decided to aide you (by updated name if the have them).
  • ally <name> - - Make the named ally your active one.
  • ally dismiss - Send away your ally (for now).
  • ally overview - Display a table with the stats of all currently available allies.

List of Pets / Allies

The following is a list of companions, where they can be found and what needs to be given/done to tame them. The damage and dex listed is their starting level one stats. |-

Name Location Species Dmg Dex Notes
Araqiel Hellfire Club Seraphim 20 10 Temporary pet(?). A mysterious Seraphim at the Hellfire Club
Artemis State Fair Neuter Rubber Tigress 10 15 Feed her during the "Poor Kitty" events. Sex and play w/player.
Aurora Capitol Bldg A Frost Giantess 20 5 Help her cross a lava moat w/Strength check (auto-success w/medium sledge).
Brutus Smith Haven Mall Demon Brute  ??  ?? To gain this pet player must defeat several Demon Brutes until one drops a demon tooth and give the tooth to Nermine. She will help you acquire this pet. Sex and play w/player noninfectious during sex.
Candy City Hospital Raccoon 10 15 Chosen option via Doctor Mouse. Infectious sex w/player.
Denise Outside Exploration/Beach Plaza Hermaphrodite Gryphon 10 20 Find her in the city, then again on the beach. Save her from the monsters at the beach, then succseed a Charisma check. Infectious sex w/player.
Honey Park Bee Girl 5 20 Choose to heal her to have her join you. Sex w/player.
Karen High Rise District Retriever 10 10 Rescue her (and yourself) from Rex's control. No sex yet.
Klauz Park Felinoid 15 10 Unlocked by Nermine's Rare Item Quest. Free it from the plants. Fight it later. Help it. Infectious w/Felinoid strain. Sex w/female or herm player.
Korvin Outside Exploration German Shepherd (SP) 15 10 Defeat the special german shepherd enough times and choose to recruit him. Noninfectious sex w/player.
Liliana Park Black Equinoid 10 15 Gained after joining their tribe at the Equinoid Camp
Rachel Red Light District Mental Mouse 10 15 Find the home of the Mental Mice. Having her along restricts the Mental Mice to normal encounter rates. Infectious sex w/player.
Ryousei Park Royal Tiger 15 15 Earn his respect by besting him in battle multiple times. Sex and play w/player noninfectious during sex.
Segis Red Light District Anthromorphic Dragon Android 10 15 Find an Android roaming the Red Light District collecting samples from the males. Fight and reset him or destroy him at your choice.
Spike Grey Abbey Library Doberman  ??  ??
Urik Orc Lair Orc  ??  ??
Voria Outside Exploration Carnivorous plant 10 15
Xaedihr Hell Realm Questline Half-Demon 15 15 Companion from the hellish trash pile quest line.
Doll-twin Nermine's Bargain Bin Doll 5 15 Choose to keep the strange doll you randomly pull out of the bargain bin.
Ranfer Urban Forest Smilodon 17 13 A Smilodon interested in submissive, smaller partners.
Dark Tyrant Void Realm Dark Tyrant 3 50 The Dark Tyrant from the abyss
Fang Urban Forest Alpha Wolf  ??  ?? An Alpha Wolf or Beta depending on your choices.
Katherine Outside Exploration German Shepherd Bitch  ??  ??

Feral pets can still be used as battle companions, but cannot talk and have no sex options.

Name Location Species Dmg Dex Notes
Chirpy City Zoo Exotic Bird 5 20 Requires successful charisma check on the "Scared Bird" event.
Dash Park Fennec Fox 5 20 Feed it once during the "Abandoned Fox" event.
Dinah Outside Exploration House Cat 5 20 Give gryphon milk.
Hobo City Hospital Stray Dog 10 15 Give food and pass Charisma check.
Peppy Urban Forest Skunk Kit 5 20 Have skunk body or use skunk goo to infect oneself. Infectious w/Skunk strain.
Snips Beach Plaza Crab 5 20 Give food.

Temporary companions are only available during specific situations, and cannot be called/dismissed at will. |-

Name Location Species Dmg Dex Notes
Ares Warehouse District Human 10 15 Ares, a dog turned human, loaned for walks by Mike.