Bee Girl

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Bee Girl

Species: Bee Girl
Gender: Female
Level: 1
Dexterity: 16
Damage: 3
Event Location: Park
Event Name: Smashed Hive
Sex With Pet?: True
Infection Strain: NONE/Queen Bee (see Events)
Target Gender: NONE

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl
Queen Bee infection by Caltroplay

Author- Stripes


The bee drone has a youthful appearance despite her maturity. Her face, shoulders, arms and upper chest appear to be mostly human, though her lower body and hands are covered in insectile plating, looking like a tight-fitting yellow and black dress. She has a small pair of insect arms at her sides, which can be used to hold small things. The bee abdomen attached to her tight bottom lacks its stinger.


  • Quantity of Events: 1
  • Required Items: medkit/healing booster


1.) Park - "Smashed Hive" - Heal the bee girl by using a medkit or a healing booster.

2.) Park - "Smashed Hive" - Find event a second time with the bee girl as you active pet to fight the bear that smashed the hive. Winning the fight unlocks the special Queen Bee infection.


  • Honey provides special endings when the player succumbs with either the Black Equinoid or Drone Wasp infection.
  • Honey has some scenes interacting with Elijah. She will also volunteer a honeycomb to assist in curing Elijah if the player does not have one.
  • Honey has a special scene while your companion when the Lovers Bench event in the Park is encountered for the second time.
  • Boombox: Honey responds when R&B or Ocean is selected on the old boombox.


  • Honey is helpful during some scavenging events, being able to enter small spaces and able to fly to help the player reach some supplies without risk (Tight Fit and High Place scavenger events are automatically successes while Honey is your active pet).
  • Having the expert medic feat can give a chance of the medkit you need to help her not get consumed.