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Species: Dragon Android
Gender: Male
Combat: Yes
Location: Red Light District
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Yes
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Not Yet
Infectious: No
Endings: No

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    Segis, by codename, is a mechanical, white-colored and anthropomorphic dragon in an almost uncanny and organic way, looking male with its lean physique, though technically genderless as it is a robot. Being a tall android of very high technology, its cyan-colored optical units trace your movements with clear sentience. Segis seems completely autonomous and capable of speaking like any other person, possessing an advanced and artifical intelligence that seems completely otherworldly. While initially hostile, the android recognizes you as its new owner after you found a way to get him fixed, responding and acting with utmost loyalty. When it moves, you can hear its mechanical joints behind you, reminding you of its artificial nature. It also possesses a variety of self-defense equipment attached to its limbs, allowing it to perform electric discharges, substance injections, strike with blades and shoot with a pop-up handgun.


Segis is found after after finding the Strange Android Seeker event three times. The first is the player finding a Twisted Pimp unconscious horny and dripping his load and the player decides to be on the look out for whoever is doing this.

The second time you find the event you look around and find a Blue Gel in the same state as the previous encounter.

Upon finding the third event you finally catch up with the strange entity, you find him milking a Hellfire Demon, upon being found you run in an attempt to out maneuver them. You are given several choices on what to do "success linked to diffrent stats". Upon success you must fight the Android. Upon defeat you are given the choice to destroy him or stash him away safely somewhere.

After stashing him away head back to him by hunting the Activate Strange Android event to begin trying to repair him. To succeed in reactivating him you must pass an intelligence check. Upon reactivation you gain a new companion.


As of yet there is no sex available sex scenes with Segis, but it is possible to give the Android a cock. To achieve this you must first attempt to have sex with him this leads to the next step. Talk to Segis to start his upgrade. Right now it entails a trip to the High Rise with the android to get him a dick.