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Species: Smilodon
Gender: Male
Changes gender: no
Location: Urban Forest
Must be found?: Yes
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


In front of you stands a large feline male, with an appearance resembling a smilodon from the ice age, except this one's standing on two strong legs supporting his bulky furred body, very much like a werebeast. He sports a pair of long fangs coming out of his mouth, menacingly sharp, emphasizing the fierce look in his felinze and fuzzy muzzle, and his muscular body is covered in golden fur with brown stripes and spots, only attaining a lighter color around his front torso. He also has a short brown mane coming from behind his head towards his lower back, and on his behind sticks out a small but fuzzy tail, barely moving. His equipment is quite sizeable, with a thick sheath and a pair of hanging nuts that would make some males jealous, inevitably drawing your eyes in as he stands before you, with only a loitncloth covering it.

Obtaining Ranfer

  • In order to obtain Ranfer head towards the Urban Forest and type hunt smilodon male and submit to him 4 times.
  • After having submitted to the Smilodon 4 times when you hunt him again for the 5th time he instead offers to have sex with you instead and become acquaintances, if you accept his terms you then get to choose what sort of sex to have with him.
  • After this when hunting him for the 6th time he offers to become your companion and follow you to the bunker, if you accept he becomes your ally and moves to the bunker, if you refuse he will forever remain just an acquaintance and will never move to the bunker or become your ally.


  • Ranfer is only interested in you if you're smaller than him, if you transform into something that's bigger than him he will express disappointment and will refuse to have sex with you
  • If you have got a shrinking mushroom, you may consume it and allow your male smilodon companion to play with tiny you.
  • while not as your current active ally Ranfer stays in the Grey Abbey Library in the Makeshift Rec Room