Mouse Girl

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Mouse Girl

Species: Mental Mouse
Gender: Herm
Level: 3
Dexterity: 15
Damage: 5
Event Location: RLD
Event Name: Quiet Apartment Building
Sex With Pet?: True
Infection Strain: Mental Mouse
Target Gender: Herm

Flag Categories

Flags: Hermaphrodite, Furry
Rachel by Ookami Kemono (o-kemono)


This short, grey mouse is cute and sexy, with an idealized feminine body in miniature. While only three feet tall, the bosom and cock on this rodent herm are above average for a normal human. She has long, grey hair that flows down her back and her round, mouse ears poke out from it. She has found a cute sundress somewhere. It is a light blue that goes well with her fur colour, but does little to hide her large tits or erection when aroused. That's probably why she chose it.
Despite her small size, this mouse girl has considerable psychic powers. From what you've seen and sensed, she's probably one of the strongest among them. Having been selected by the mouse collective's hive mind as your intended mate, you sensed her powerful mind and can't help but feel a strong attachment to her. Intent on coaxing you back to them, she has chosen to accompany you to show you the pleasures of mousedom to convince you to return. You'll have to keep her close by if you want to avoid having the mice constantly tracking you down.
As if sensing your mind focused on her, the mouse girl sends a fresh wave of her love for you into your mind. You can't help but think as you look at her that joining the mouse collective wouldn't be so bad if it means being with her.


  • Quantity of Events: 1
  • Required Items: none


1.) RLD - "Quiet Apartment Building" - Entering the quiet apartment building has you ensnared by the Mental Mice to become Rachel's mate. When you sneak out after the orgy, she insists on joining you.


  • Rachel the mouse girl protects you from being hunted by the Mental Mice while she's your companion, safeguarding you from random encounters with them outside of the RLD.
  • Having Rachel with you results in different content when fighting the Mental Mice. This includes a special description scene, somewhat different attack from Rachel, as well as altered victory/defeat scenes.
  • Rachel will psychically pressure your current companion to go away when she first joins you, allowing her to automatically become your active companion.
  • Rachel is helpful during some scavenging events, being able to enter small spaces to help the player reach some supplies without risk.
  • As well as being infectious with the Mental Mouse strain, sex with Rachel even has a 50% chance of bypassing the Researcher resistance. It will also slowly wear down a player's humanity.
  • Rachel provides a special ending if the player succumbs with the Mental Mouse infection.
  • Rachel has a special scene while your companion when the Lovers Bench event in the Park is encountered for the second time.
  • Rachel grants a +2 mental defense bonus while your active companion.