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Species: German Shepherd Bitch
Gender: Female
Event Location: Outside Exploration
Sex With Pet?: True
Infection Strain: NONE

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


Katherine is a tall and athletic woman with the form of an anthro German Shepherd. She is covered in long, shaggy fur with the black and brown shadings typical for the breed.

Recruiting Katherine

She can be found by going to the Grey Abbey Library and hunting for German Shepherd Bitch, there are 2 different ones, you know it's Katherine when the description states in bold text clearly recognizing you from past encounters. You must defeat and have sex with her 6 times, when you defeat her on the 7th time you will be given the option to recruit her.

Note: Once she's calling you alpha , you need to have a cock to recruit her. you can buy a cock pill and cock remover pill from zephyr to get one briefly and then get rid of it.


When not your active companion she can be found in the Makeshift Rec Room in the Grey Abbey Library

Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/master/Kirov/Katherine.i7x