Multiplayer Updates/January 2012

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  • Items will now track how much xp they earn via combat for MYSTERIOUS future purposes.
  • Crossbow recipe added to Hidden Camp store.


  • New pool for Sexual Stabilizer: allows Nanite Adepts to toggle gender-change immunity.
  • Proper talk restrictions set on channels you shouldn't talk on, while still allowing you to turn them on and off and pull the history with #last.


  • The adjusted length/depths shown in +groin are now much less silly, though their function is unchanged.
  • Shred the Moon rebalanced drastically; it is much cheaper, but far less powerful. The concept of 'temporary toggles' has been buried for good.
  • You now get reward tokens randomly when RPing! Check for it on your RP ticks.
  • The Crossbow mako pool is completed. Item is a recipe.
  • Flunky's mako pool completed!


  • The Nanite Control Extender can now properly make use of the new size-changing Adept toy.
  • The Nanite Carnal Equalizer can now bypass the 'lesser' size merits, such as Maximum Depth or Tanuki Grade.
  • Size-shifting now actually obeys which badges you have, and accepts partial matches.
  • New pool started for Nanite Gender Assigner -- allows you to overwrite Male/Female Preferred with the Carnal Equalizer.
  • Smaller-than-normal mutants now get a much stronger benefit/penalty to defense/HP. Fairies are now +/-32 instead of 4.
  • Nanite Resistor added to the elite store. Allows Nanite Adepts to decide not to be infected by anything today.
  • Tanuki stores now stocked with the Leaf: Vaginal Control.
  • More mako pools! If this keeps up, we're going to have to stop documenting them.
    • Bows!
    • Flunky role!
      • More badges added to mako pools!


  • Long Burning and Nanite Cooling distillations adjusted.
  • Electrified Chainsword recipe lost a little damage due to budgeting concerns regarding its insane knockback.
  • Nanite Adaptation Cleanser pool completed; the item is now in the elite stores.
  • Body size now factors into your actual penis length/vaginal depth. The numbers in +groin now reflect this; the old standard of being within 50% of your target still apply.
    • By the way, different mutants are different sizes. +groin reports your relative body size. 5 is 'average'.
  • New pool list item: Tanuki vaginal control!
    • The Tanuki female leaves poll has completed! That was fast.
  • Body size has a mechanical component: Bigger creatures have more HP, but worse defense.
    • For every point larger than 5, you gain +1% HP, but -1 Defense. Kaiju, at body size 50, have +45% health, but -45 defense. This goes the opposite way; Fairies have -4% health, but +4 defense.
  • Tall and Short merits added, adjusting your scale by 20% in one direction or another. Human Sized added for people who want to skip this scale silliness entirely.
  • Hotdogger mutation added to the elite store.
  • Nanite Spatial Recalculator added to the elite store; allows you to change your size to that of other mutations.
  • Nanite Adaptation Cleanser added to the elite store; allows liberated children to forget a power once and for all.
  • The Module pool has completed! The pool for Area Module has replaced it.
  • The final boss of the pet store has been turned into a resummonable boss fight. It can be summoned once per day, and has a bunch of cool loot on it.



  • Steroid Injecting Unit and Laser Scope added to the reward store and mako store, respectively.
  • The +quest command now lists everything from your logbook and any repeatable quests on file.
  • PvP fights now start with everyone at full buffs. Why yes, that does mean children start out ready to go.
  • Nuku needs people to write advertisements. Inquire at your nearest Nuku.
  • Four new badges added for tutors.
  • Say and oSay fields added to monster entry. Define how they talk!
  • Reward tokens can now be purchased in the elite shops.
  • [Public] Busy Body Nuku softly churrls, "Adaptive Immunities now gives a more... reasonable... penalty."
    • Anyone have the new numbers?
  • [Public] Power Girl Sati jingle bells, "Heavy Beam, Polearm, Automated Weapon and Light Melee have been run through my calculator, enjoy the updates, especially how much heavy beam got buffed."
    • Virtually all recipe mods have also been rebalanced. Your gear has probably changed!
  • Improved Laser Pistol and Gravity Cannon coded.



  • A freak nanite storm has ripped through the city! All currently-equipped gear suddenly found itself brimming with nanites, filling its DV to the max!
    • This totally was not a fix after a bug caused a lot of people to lose a lot of nanites in their equipment. Nope.
  • Haste status and Hesitating flaw made to work correctly with negative-charge powers like Small Claws.
  • Expert Angler cost reduced to 3 merit points.
  • The germ of PvP has been placed in the petri dish of the "Who's Online" area of the web interface. Click the button to challenge opponents!


  • Winged merit now properly adds a generic note about wings to your description if your species doesn't normally have wings.
  • Reinforced Fishing Rod, Aggressive Soup, and Ergonomic schematics placed into Jack's Hardware, the Hidden Camp, and the Hidden Camp, respectively.
  • Referral links enabled! Go to the 'Buy Mako' area of the web interface to get a referral link. Anyone who signs up for the game through this will automatically declare you a tutor, allowing you to reap the benefits!
  • HP 50 AI block coded, placed in the token shops.
  • Scratch and Pincers coded as powers for low-level infections.
  • Masochistic Fury coded as a power for people who hate themselves.
  • Expert Angler merit added.



  • Do you like flaws? I like flaws. Have some flaws!
    • Adapted Metabolism: +5 Healing, +5 NaniteUse.
    • Nanite Fueled: +5 DamageBuff, +5 NaniteUse.
    • Adaptive Immunities: +10 DebuffResist, +2 NaniteUse.
    • Nanite Reinforced: +1 PhysicalDamageResist, +1 EnergyDamageResist, +5 NaniteUse.
      • All these flaws cause you to slowly munch through your stock of builder nanites. They are still used when in web combat, but NOT when you are assisting another player.
        • The benefits go negative if you run out of nanites, by the way.
        • They are totally the best flaws ever.
  • +pregtime command added! Gives you a general idea of how soon your babby will be formed.


  • AI will no longer try to use a power you do not have.
  • Fishing bugs fixed. +fish/info now shows your weight tolerance.
  • Tactical Retreat merit added. Run awayyyyy!
  • You can no longer stack recipe mod statuses, such as Crippling, Fast, Insulating, etcetera. That means that if you have a Heavy Overwhelming Crippling Scuba Gear and a Crippling Generic Armor, you'll only get the Crippling bonus (modded by Heavy and Overwhelming) from the first one. You can stack whatever you want on active equipment (such as knives, polearms, medkits, and so forth), and may still use Overwhelming, Heavy, and others that simply modify existing statuses.
    • As a side effect, your effects list is now much clearer about what gear is giving you what.
  • You can no longer make italics in the public channel.
  • New command: +totalkilled. Usage: "+totalkilled <mob>" gives you a readout of how many kills you've accumulated on that particular mutant.


  • Bleeding AI condition added to reward store. Allows you to specify a power to use when you are suffering from DOT or debuff effects.
  • Zebra infection in the elite stores!
  • New fishing spot along the shoreline of the beach.
  • Pet Shop of Horrors added to NW Fairhaven, next to the OTHER pet store. Contains Black Widows, Slinking Ferrets, and Cuddlefishes.
  • If you collect ten Recursive badges, totaling 50 mako, you will get Nanite Adept automatically. Not retroactive; if you have ten or more already, you will need to get one more.


  • The awarding of +reward is now account-wide. You cannot have alts just to farm rewards any longer. Sorry! :(
    • On the plus side, you can now store up to 5 rewards at once, so you don't have to worry about missing one because you made the mistake of sleeping last night.
  • Solid Frame can now upgrade for knockdown resistance, while Conductive can upgrade for HealGain.
  • Builder nanites are now used for constructing items. More details once we have any idea what we're talking about.
    • Oh yeah, and you'll now see 'Nanite mass' listed in the web interface. This is part of it.
      • Testing recipes now also lists the amount of builder nanites required to make the item. It is displayed in mg.
  • Items made with the Insulating modifier now slowly drain your builder nanites when worn or used.


  • You can now finger people without using the plus sign.
  • The healing from Vampiric no longer works while dead. Sorry, but you're not REALLY a vampire.
  • New flaw: Bad Reputation: Fight more Promethean/Infected Agents!
  • Flash Freeze coded, if not yet balanced. You cannot have it!


  • AOE accuracy changed. It should it is supposed to now. Continued testing on what that actually is.
  • Normal Physics now allows you to go a little over the cap on bodypart-modified powers, encouraging you to struggle with your giant breasts.


  • Front Row and Back Row combat skills buffed. The former grants an extra 10% cover per point on your allies, while the latter grants you an extra 10% per point on cover effects planted on you.
  • More flaws!
  • Trashing (dropping) items is now counted as combat earnings, and is throttled accordingly.
    • Anubis Servants now actually get the listed bonus for trashing items.
    • Items now have a property listing who found them. Their trash value is diminished for anyone else. Early tests show it to be about -80%.


  • Adrenaline Boost, Hard as Scale and Superior Balance on linked cooldowns instead of slots. You can master all of them, but only use one at a time.
  • Similarly, Pounce, Triage and Expansiveness on linked cooldowns.
  • More monster role tweaks:
    • Monsters under level 20 half as likely to have a role.
    • The first role of monsters above level 30 counts twice. For example, a level 45 Behemoth Master Decoy now gets Avoidance, Warded and Front Row 2 before additional roles are checked.
    • Powers granted by roles now have a chance to catch the random power upgrades monsters get.
  • Scattershot 2000 more balanced.
  • New flaws added, some removed. Flaws are now intended to be game-changing choices with more negative than positive.
    • Compulsive Artist, -40% salvage and +10% trinket rate.
    • Hesitating, all powers gain +100 and then 20% more charge and +5% damage.
    • Heroic Enemies now has mechanical effects. +5 levels for the chances of having roles, +1 mutant power improvement.
    • All Natural now a flaw. No change except for Merit Point cost dropping to zero. Retroactive for previous AN people.
    • Normal Physics, Having oversized genitals will impede you. The larger, the worse the penalty. Magnitude currently unknown.
  • In-game mail will now be forwarded to your email account. Previously the game was trying and failing to do this.


  • AI now smarter: if you don't have enough energy to use a power, it will not attempt to.
  • Damage modifying distillations applied to items with DoT effects now boost the DoT as well.
  • Controlled Burst 3's effect was apparently never coded and nobody noticed. This has now been rectified.
  • Monsters with combat skills should get appropriate powers granted and used automatically.


  • Continued improvements in the new combat skills. Vampiric drains even more health if a monster is defeated by your DOT effect.
  • Equipment upkeep is now rounded down to the next whole number, but Readiness is now applied to your upkeep as a whole rather than individually to each item.
    • Check your equipment, your upkeep total has probably gone up!
  • Self-damaging powers bypass cover, HPBuffer and vampiric effects. If you're bleeding yourself, no one can stop you. Your damagereturn won't trigger on it either, so at least you won't light yourself on fire.
  • Warded protects you from DOT effects now.
  • Roles for EVERYONE! Now you can fight Skunk Girl Cheerleaders, Math Teacher Determinators, and Behemoth Ninjas.
    • Monsters created with Mastermind gain a pet power.
    • Monsters created with Healing get a heal.
    • Monsters set with pre-existing combat skills won't get any roles. Mantis with Flurry 3, for example.
  • Modular added to Survivalist shop.


  • Rejoice, ye of few levels! Partying with someone of higher level than you will automatically mentor you up to 2 levels below the level of the highest party member!
  • Web shop interface now displays whether or not you have the total badge for an infection vial.
  • Purifying Tablet recipe added to the library. Make use of those salmon!
  • Subscribers now get access to all roles, as though every role has been learned.
  • Speed role now makes your next turns come faster. 50/100/150 out of 1000 baseline.
  • Fast Loading role now decreases the charge time of things like energy snacks and grenades by 300 ATB per point.
  • Ferals now show what combat roles, if any, they possess.
  • Inputting a command while on auto combat will no longer get overridden by your AI settings.
  • Holidays are over. No Christmas Spirit, Christmas Song, Santa Little Helper, or Spin the Dreidel until possibly next year!


  • Health bars should now auto-detect how wide your client window is. To reject change, type 'healthwidth 30'.
  • Spread powers have a minimum spread of 1.5 1.0 now. This is simply to prevent Spread boosters (such as Controlled Burst at rank 2 or 3) from giving it absurd boosts against single targets. For most things, this will not appear to be a change.
  • Delaying distillation coded.
  • Totemic Spear tweaked to account for spread stat mod.
  • Poison Bite now can stack over multiple attacks for a more powerful DoT effect.
  • Field of Dread Mutant power added.
  • Tanuki just learned Bountiful Joy! Hooray!
  • Fenrir dedicants can now smell your fear. Also your active dedication.
    • Oh, and there is a set of badges for smelling active dedications. Expect to be sniffed a lot over the next few days.


  • Bozeman South Park added, containing Crested Wyvern, Horned Wyvern, and bringing both Magma Wurm and Crimson Wyrm to the grid!
  • NotUser powers on a child or pet should be working as intended now. They no longer affect the summoner under any circumstances.
  • +haz can now be targeted on any exit of a room, to look before you leap!
  • Salvage purchases have been moved from the auction channel to the market channel.
  • The ability to use the Auction channel to host auctions has been fixed.
  • Perks can now be bought from from the web site at
  • Uncanny Scavenger, Vigilant, and Distillery Expert perks added.
    • The obsolete Custom Work perk removed, as well.


  • [cock of target] and [cock size of target] work. This is not news. The news is that all the following work:
    • [skin of target]
    • [breast size of target]
  • You will no longer accidentally cover for more damage that is being done.
  • Moist Towelette added to the mall. Clean up, you filthy mutants!
  • Stacked damage introduced! For sake of example, "stacked4damage" with a magnitude of 5 and a duration of 5 will allow you to stack up to four copies of the same 5 DoT damage status, all of which are refreshed every time you layer the power on the enemies again. This particular example would stack all the way to a 20-magnitude energy DoT that lasts 5 rounds.
  • InstantCooldown (and its associated debuff) coded! Every .1 turns, it tries to apply itself to a random power that is currently on cooldown, trading .1 mag for 100 ATB.
  • TiredFriend status reports the ally with the least energy (even if it's yourself).
  • Due to an error, your AI targeting preferences have been reset! Go back to the AI section of the web interface and re-fix those at earliest convenience.


  • Coffee Hypo recipe added to Zephyr Employee Wellness Center.
  • Enduring Effect recipe modifier added to the Hidden Camp in Bozeman, Montana. Head to Fairhaven Park to be flown there, or access it directly via the web interface.
    • And if you've missed any recipes, the web store now displays if you know them or not.
  • All instances of negative HealResist have been renamed HealGain.
  • The elite stores now stock profession skills! While in your inventory, they boost their specified profession skill by 1 point.
  • Lumberjack Role added. Combat skills: Enduring Minions, Tactician, Penetration.
    • Someone is claiming that the SWAT Team Leader role has existed for a while, but the jury's still out. The important thing is that it has Mastermind, Controlled Burst, and Penetration.
  • Enveloping Pain coded.


  • Web Crafting page now at least three times as useful.
    • Displays calculated values on crafted items, such as how deadly your Heavy Improved Poisoned Aerosol really is.
    • Expendable items now display quantity created.
  • RSX now has a mission giver! Talk to Venice on the second floor, eastern room.
    • New instances and new mission areas added as well, for Woodfield only. Woodfield gets love!
  • Comm titles adjusted. No comma after them, so chat appears like this: [Public] SCIENCE! Venator watches Nuku churn through her excessive number of requests.
  • String parsing now supports [if (person) is/is not herm] or [if (person) is/is not neuter].
  • A new area has been brought to Woodfield, containing the Nanite Mage infection!


  • Freecred throttling is now in effect! A freecred percentage of <30% gives 50% bonus cred, <150% has no bonus or penalty, and >150% divides your earnings by your percentage.
    • This applies to trinket values as well.
  • Damagereturn changed in good and bad ways:
  • Healthwidth command: specify how long you want the health bars to be. Useful for big screens and big clients.
  • A mysterious masked essayist is writing help files about detailed combat topics! See and be educated!