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Merits are special characteristics you select during character generation (or "chargen" for short), which further differentiate your character from others. Perks are those which are available for purchase with XP after chargen, and includes all merits except for Born Female, Born Male, Virgin and Prepackaged.

All players begin with 66 perk points, the first 26 of which do not occur any xp costs, and 10 vanity points. Merits tagged with "Vanity" will expend vanity points if available, otherwise they will begin to use regular perk points. Additional perk points may be purchased at the cost of 50 Mako each.

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Merit Description Perk Points XP Cost after chargen Tags Excludes
Abnormal Breeder You can carry children in unusual ways. When you are not equipped with a standard vagina, you are assumed to have a size 6 one anyway, allowing you to be bred even if neuter or male at the time. 2 20 NA NA
Advanced Inoculation Most people just get the basic one, that prevents insanity and identity loss. Not for you! You are immune to casual battle infection, nor do you mutate when you submit. Also, your 'NaniteCollection' status is considered one higher, allowing you to collect builder nanites effectively naked, and infection nanites with even a low powered collector. 7 70 NA Ultimate Infection Resistance
All In You run into far less traps during patrol puzzles, but the first one you hit will always end the game, no matter what other merits or skills you may have. 2 20 NA NA
Always Be Prepared You believe in always being prepared. Increase loadout capacity by 20(normally 100). Does not stack with itself. 6 60 Combat Feral Mode
Always Female You can't cease to be female. You will always have at least one vagina of four inches depth. 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Always Male, Herm Preferred, Female Preferred, Single Sexed and Male Preferred
Always Male You will never lose your last penis, and it will always be at least four inches long. WARNING! Want to avoid having breasts? Look into Flat Chest! WARNING #2: This merit does not prevent you from growing a vagina. Look into Male Preferred for that. 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Always Female, Herm Preferred, Female Preferred, Single Sexed and Male Preferred
Animal Husband When feeding racers, they will always gain the benefit of the food. 2 20 NA NA
Animal Lust You go into heat, male heat, otherwise known as rut. so long as you have a penis there is a chance you could suddenly go into deep rut. while in rut your balls become more dense, you become mildly more fertile, and seek the 'company' of any fertile female you can find. Impregnating a female has a chance of ending rut. Rut may end on it's own, or deepen, if not satisfied. If you have female parts while in rut they will also become more fertile. 2 20 Vanity NA
Baby Machine so what if you just gave birth? Your body knows what it wants. The normal one-week period of infertility following childbirth is cut in half, to three and a half days. You might even consider looking into merits like fertile, and possibly pure breed, too. 5 50 Sexual Sterile
Ballsy With this merit, if you grow a cock, you'll always get balls to accompany it. No towers of solitude here! 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Female Preferred, Neuter Preferred and No Balls
Baby Schematics (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) Through a strange quirk in the code, your womb, or other similar organ, seems to manage and control nanites as surely as any craftsman, literally building your children. This can increase the speed of production, er, pregnancy by up to 25% at the cost of leeching your builder nanites over each pregnancy tick. 6 60 NA NA
Big Boned Some call it a blessing, some say it's a curse. It does certainly involve bumping your head a lot. This increases your height and stacks with other effects. 5 50 NA NA
Bloodthirsty Salvage? Freecred? Bah! Those don't scream and bleed at ALL. You're interested in a little bit of the ultra-violence, and it shows! When you go patrolling, your chances of finding a non-combat encounter are halved. Go get 'em! 4 40 NA NA
Born Female You are, at least to start, equipped as a woman. 0 n/a Sexual Born Male
Born Leader The 30% haste debuff when you have a pet or child fighting alongside you is cut in half, to 15%. 10 100 Combat Feral Mode
Born Male You are, at least to start, equipped as a man. 0 n/a Sexual Born Female
Breadth Of Experience Jack of all trades much? This counts as +20 to Comprehension for the sake of combating the raise in costs due to the number of proficiency points you already have. 5 50 RP NA
Breast Pump Your breasts don't like shrinking, just growing. If you want all you organs to only grow, see One Way instead. 1 10 Sexual NA
Breasts You have breasts, or can have them. This allows breasts DESPITE male preferred. 2 20 Sexual Herm Preferred, Female Preferred, Always Female and Flat Chest
Charismatic Your dazzling leadership has your mercenaries almost begging to follow you, or at least gives you a 25% discount on their services. 4 40 NA NA
Chubby You're a bit heavy set for your height for your height 2 20 NA NA
Clitoral Hood Your clitoris is obscured by a clitoral hood, hiding it from casual inspection. (Closer inspection via +groin will still reveal them to be present.) 1 10 Sexual, Vanity NA
Cold Immune You require no heat to sustain your function. Arctic regions are a snap. Cold attacks still harm you. 2 20 RP, Combat NA
Compact Balls Your crown jewels will never grow beyond Average visibly. Going above will not change the visible levels, but will affect your productivity, so to speak. 3 30 Sexual, Vanity Modest Appearance, Humble Balls, No Balls
Compatible Gender For some reason, the nanites saw fit to make you ever the perfect mate for whoever/whatever may infect you. If an infection would normally would give a large cock, you'll gain a large cunt, and vis versa. (If you want to protect your breasts with this merit, grab the 'Breasts' merit too! Otherwise jealous females may steal them from you...) 3 30 Sexual Male Preferred, Female Preferred, Neuter Preferred, Herm Preferred, Always Male, Always Female, Sexually Stable
Connected You are especially connected with the little people. When buying from specialty shops (NPC shops where you list and view and buy), you get a 10% discount. 8 80 NA NA
Conservative Miner When drawing salvage from a source, only 2/3rds the resources you gain are actually deducted from the source, making it last longer. 3 30 RP NA
Cyclic Heat Normally, whenever you're not pregnant or recently-so, you're fertile and in heat. Makes it hard to focus when you're thinking about being stuffed all the time! This perk will make it so that your heat waxes and wanes, instead of being constant. With some clever timing, you can reduce your risk of pregnancy to near-zero! (For actual zero, consider the Sterile perk.) 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Sterile
Delayed Mutation Your mutations, for whatever reason, come with a delay. Anywhere from 10 seconds to ten minutes could pass before the infection suddenly springs on you! (This is measured entirely in OOC time) 3 30 Vanity NA
Delayed Pregnancy You are not immediately obvious in your pregnancy. you give all appearances to being still unseeded for a small while before it starts to be detectable. 1 10 Vanity NA
Dense You are heavier than the rest of your mass would imply. This extra weight gives no mechanical or strength benefit, you're just heavier. Why? Who are we to say, you just are. 1 10 NA NA
Depths Of Love With all these horses running around, someone has to be able to take on the job. That someone is you! With this, your female bits can stretch onwards past eighteen inches of depth, allowing you to be a true dragon's bride. 2 20 Sexual Modest Vagina, Size King, Male Preferred and Modest Organs
Dimensionally Touched Some time after P-day you got touched by the power of a supernatural entity. Maybe it was the mighty Solar Dragon, or maybe just a minor entity, too weak to have its focus in this world. Still you heard their whispers and this affected your mind. A character with this merit doesn't gain any special power, no fireball, no mind reading nor levitation (check for exiting powers or nanomagic for that). 4 40 RP, Vanity NA
Direct Negotiator You don't beat around the bush when it comes to social situations. Your chances of running into social puzzles is drastically reduced. 2 20 NA NA
Discreet Victory Your victories are your own. You do not trigger the room wide messages when you trigger a victory message. 2 20 Vanity NA
Doesn't Breathe That's right, you can actually turn off the need to breathe! This does not give immunity to pressure effects (deep sea or deep space). (Really helps with oral, too. Just sayin'.) 2 20 RP, Combat NA
Dry Well For whatever reason, you don't and never will produce milk. This only affects the milk reported in +groin. 1 10 Vanity NA
Easily Medicated Aspirin feels like anesthetic to you, and caffeine feels like jet fuel! Any effect that heals you, whether it's regeneration or healing/curing powers, will give you more health back. It even scales with you; the stronger you get, the bigger the boost! 5 50 Combat NA
Easily Satisfied Careful where you point that thing! When you empty out, you really empty out! In every blast you give, you give your all. Does nothing without the Animal Lust perk, but if you have it, this will cause any sexual act to have a chance to end your rut. This also works when the act involved does not have a chance to impregnate. 1 10 Sexual, Vanity NA
Efficient Tinkering When you make an item, it costs 20% less freecreds. 5 50 Crafting NA
Egg Sack Tired of carrying eggs in your belly when you have a perfectly good sack for holding them? This merit moves any eggs to your balls, assuming you have any. Requires an ovipositor and balls to function, else they'll appear as a standard egg pregnancy. It causes a visible increase to ball size, however doesn't actually increase their mass or capacity, as eggs will be taking up that space. 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Sterile, Internal Genitals, Internal Testicles, No Balls and Humble Balls
Empty For whatever reason you just can't put on any weight, maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and all your mass is off in another dimension. Who can say really? Either way! Your mass is cut in half at all times. 2 20 NA Chubby and Thin
Energetic Fighting, using powers, all of it really takes it out of you. You only have 100 points of energy, after all...unless you buy this perk and snag an extra 5! 4 40 Combat NA
Expansive Rut Rut can have many visible effects on the body... This is probably just the most extreme example. While in rut, your ball size is inflated by the level of rut divider by two. (Tanuki with a Silver Leaf aren't affected by this merit, as the game already considers them as being at max size.) 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Female Preferred, Neuter Preferred
Expert Angler 50% chance to avoid catching fish too small or too large for your current pole. 3 30 NA NA
Expert Navigator You regain Patrol points much faster than normal 6 60 NA NA
Expert Repair You are very skilled in repairing things, reducing the amount of materials to repair things significantly. 4 40 NA NA
Explosive Start Your genitalia start off slightly larger 2 20 NA NA
Extra Filling When having sex with a partner, you 'fill' them 50% more than normal! 2 20 Sexual, Vanity NA
Fast Recovery Out of combat you recover health and energy faster 5 50 NA NA
Female Preferred Looking for something to stabilize your gender, keep both of those chromosomes on the X side? This is for you! With this perk, you will not gain any male genitals. Your female aspect can still be changed, but no peener for you. If you want something that will keep you female but give you a chance at being a herm too, try Always Female instead. 3 30 Sexual, Vanity Always Female, Herm Preferred, Male Preferred, Single Sexed, Sexually Stable, Always Male, No Balls and Internal Testicles.
Feminine Oooh girl, look at you! A quick glance will show you as being female, as will any pronouns referencing you. (That includes the 'whospe' command.) A closer look will show what's really going on, though. 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Masculine and Uncertain Gender
Fertile You're quite the skilled babymaker! When breeding, there's always a certain chance of actual impregnation, modified by a variety of things. This perk will help by increasing the chance of fertilization by a flat 20%. 3 30 Sexual Sterile and Reduced Fertility
Firing Blanks You just can't knock up anyone. The tools work, but nothing productive comes out. Ah well, who needs to be a father in these times? 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Pure Seed
Flat Chest No breasts for you! So long as you have this merit, you will not develop any breasts of any kind. Sure, you'll have nipples, but that's about it. Great for anyone who wants to maintain a masculine appearance! (If that's you, you might also look into Masculine.) 2 20 Sexual Passing Grade Chest, Heavy Breasted, Small Breasted, Size King, Modest Organs, Male Preferred and Breasts
Flight This perk allows those who have wings to actually be able to fly! Mechanical flight, jetpacks, gyrocopters, etc, can use this too, just be careful where you are RPing using such. (No, no magical floating about) Perhaps more importantly, anyone with this perk can use the Depart command from *anywhere* (as opposed to just the usual designated points) to reach the overworld. You're never stranded deep in enemy territory if you can fly away! 4 40 RP NA
Frequent Rut Your odds of rut(See animal lust) starting is doubled. 1 10 NA NA
Giant (Merit) You are 30% larger than your species normal size. 4 40 RP Human Sized
Graceful In Defeat You do not get 'defeat' messages when beaten up, avoiding them, and their consequences. 1 10 Vanity NA
Graphic Finale You tend to run into the fully described victories and defeats more often than other of people. 4 40 Sexual NA
Hard Skin You're a real man, a manly man! What's a kick in the face mean to you? Pfft, you've had worse. You resist physical damage better than others. Grants level scaling physical damage resist. 5 50 Combat NA
Heat Immune Heat does not bother you. While fire based attacks will still harm you, environmental heat will not. Jungle planets, volcanic planets, no sweat for you. Passive fires(not being wielded as a weapon) also deal no damage to you. Warning: The sun can still melt you. Don't push it. 2 20 Combat, RP NA
Heavy Breasted Somewhere along the line, bra manufacturers just threw their hands in the air and gave up on you. Most people can only have breasts up to size 'hefty'. You have no such limits, and you don't even have back pain! (Wheelchair not included.) 2 20 Sexual Passing Grade Chest, Small Breasted, Flat Chest, Size King and Modest Organs
Heavy Producer For whatever reason, you produce more fluids than others. Your effective size for production of semen and milk is increased by 50%. 2 20 Sexual, Vanity NA
Helpful Aw, aren't you sweet? Your urge to be helpful drives you to assist others in combat more than most. No matter where you're patrolling at the moment, you can automatically assist others in web combat. 5 50 Combat NA
Herm Preferred Prefer going fully equipped? This perk makes you immune to any mutations that would cause you to lose your last cock or cunt. Also, if you have One Way, this ensures that infections that would change your bits will seek to make you grow if possible rather than shrink! (Normally a male infection would try to reduce your cunt before growing your cock, but it won't happen with this perk.) 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Always Female, Female Preferred, Male Preferred, Single Sexed and Always Male
Heroic Strength You may use a hero point to perform a feat of outstanding strength. Tearing a metal door off the frames or hurling a car aside. This does not increase, or generally cause, damage, beside collateral. 4 40 RP NA
Hot Blooded You have the blood of heroes in your veins. You have an extra hero point to spend. 4 40 RP NA
Hugely Expansive Rut For some reason, your body doesn't know when to quit. Following the same rules as, and requiring Expansive Rut, except your balls grow at four times the rate! Two points of size per level of rut. Hope you can still walk! 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Female Preferred, Neuter Preferred
Human Sized Your body will get neither larger or smaller, staying at 5 at all times. 4 40 RP, Vanity Short, Tall, Giant and Tiny
Humble Balls Your balls won't get too large. 2 20 Vanity Prized Jewels, No Balls, Size King, Female Preferred, Modest Organs and Sexually Stable
Hung Like A We're not sure what you're hung like, but it's damned impressive, good sir. You can have a cock over 18 inches long. Only the first 20 inches affect powers. 2 20 Sexual NA
Instructor You're good with kids. So good, in fact, that your children gain 20% more XP from fights. 1 10 Combat NA
Internal Genitals You can hide all your masculine primary sexual characteristics. How quaint! 3 30 Sexual, Vanity Internal Penis and Internal Testicles
Internal Penis Your penis is cleverly hidden and will not be seen in your description. 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Internal Genitals
Internal Testicles You have internal testicles! This means no one will be able to notice how large your balls are! Sneaky trap! 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Internal Genitals
Jack of All Trades You picked up a lot of little tricks. Any time you do a +roll and would normally have 1 die, you get 2 dice instead! That's twice the odds of victory! 2 20 Vanity NA
Just One How do you know which one to use? With this perk, you don't have to: with Just One, you're limited to one cock and/or one cunt, and mutations that would cause you to gain extra have no effect. 1 10 Sexual NA
Kemonomimi Your reaction to nanite programs is a bit... unorthodox. For better or worse, you have taken to one man's desperate attempt to preserve humanity, and the programming clashes with incoming transmutations, attempting to keep you human and mostly working. You will appear human(As per looks human), though some forms can still cause limited changes in you, giving you fuzzy ears or a tail for instance, while still remaining largely human. 4 40 Vanity NA
Kemonomimi Genitals This works in conjunction with Kemonomimi, allowing you to have inhuman genitals. 1 10 Vanity NA
Large Tendencies You're large, or tend to be... The second soft cap applied to body mass limit is not applied to you. 4 40 NA NA
Lay Master This perk allows the owner to be pregnant with eggs, but only lay one per pregnancy. It will work with the monotreme activator to allow lots more, but will not work with ovulation period. 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Sterile and Ovulation Period
Lingering Rut Your odds of rut(See Animal Lust) fading out on its own are halved. 1 10 NA NA
Longevity Most beings only have a century of life in them, two with quality medical care, you count your lifetime in thousands instead.(AI and Golems do need this, electronics break down quite well). 4 40 RP, Vanity NA
Looks Human You look human, no matter what. While you can still gain mutations and the powers and sexual alterations that come with them, you will always appear and smell entirely human. Keep in mind, this does not affect the species of any child you bear, and the +mut command will always show you as human no matter what your actual form is under the skin. 5 50 RP NA
Looks Native You always appear to be your native form, despite any other infections running quietly beneath the surface. 2 20 Vanity Kemonomimi
Luck of Fools When doing patrol puzzles, your first bad selection is always forgiven. 3 30 NA NA
Major Infection Resistance You have a 70% chance of resisting any infection. This makes it significantly more difficult for you to be mutated, whether you want to be or not. Consider carefully before taking this perk! For total resistance, check out Ultimate Infection Resistance. 10 100 NA Ultimate Infection Resistance, Minor Infection Resistance and Weak Immune System
Make Love Not War All you are saying... is give peace a chance! Normally, submitting to a monster counts as you getting beaten up, and sends you back home. With this perk, you lose 50 energy and 50 (modified by level) hit points - and the monsters are dismissed as if you had fled - but you get to stick around! Hang back and chill for a moment, then keep on truckin'! 5 50 NA NA
Male Preferred You resist Female mutations. You may have even been born female (if you take born female) but you will never become more female due to mutations and are likely doomed to become and remain a man. 3 30 Sexual, Vanity Always Female, Herm Preferred, Female Preferred, Single Sexed, Depths Of Love, Maximum Depth and Never Cover a Hole
Many Breasted More is better. Simple math! You can have more than four breasts, why not six? eight? Maybe ten? If they love staring at two, you'll knock em dead with a dozen! 2 20 Sexual One Pair
Masculine You appear male at a glance. Your pronouns and +glance will show you as male. 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Feminine and Uncertain Gender
Master Locksmith 25% less traps appear when doing a patrol puzzle 5 50 NA NA
Matriarch You are unusually hungry, and for good reason. You are a lean, mean, baby production machine. Your womb swells with the power of nanotechnology, ushering in the next generation with all due haste. Your pregnancy time is reduced by 30%. 5 50 NA Sterile
Matron Your love for your child shines through, so much that they can endure retraining with greatly reduced penalties. Where retraining a child normally removes all XP, this perk allows your child to keep half of their level instead! You might also like Born Leader, have a look! 3 30 Combat Feral Mode
Maximum Depth Your vagina resists reduction infections.(Consider one way if you want your cock to resist as well) 2 20 Sexual Male Preferred, One Way and Single Sexed
Maximum Length Your cock resists reduction infections.(Consider one way if you want your vagina to do so as well) 2 20 Sexual Female Preferred, One Way and Single Sexed
Maximum Virility Your Ball Density is doubled. This is done after all other effects and multipliers. This affects how much cum you produce.(This does not affect fertility) 3 30 Vanity NA
Milky Jugs You just can't help expressing your love. Love, in this case, being milk. Your breast density is increased by 25% 2 20 Vanity NA
Minimally Fertile Your chance of being knocked up is quite reduced. Go for quality instead of quantity. 1 10 Vanity NA
Minor Infection Resistance When you should be infected, there's a 30% chance you will resist it. 3 30 NA Ultimate Infection Resistance, Major Infection Resistance and Weak Immune System
Modest Appearance Some people just know how to downplay their assets right ! No matter how big your bits get, you never appear to have a chest beyond average, nor do you appear to have a cock bigger than your forearm or vagina larger than 'wide' (even when you do!) 2 20 Sexual, Vanity NA
Modest Cock Your cock will only become 12 inches at most.(Consider modest organs if you want to limit your vagina too.) 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Hung Like A, Size King, Modest Organs and Female Preferred
Modest Organs You won't expand beyond 12 inches, in or out, or grow extra innies or outties. 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Depths Of Love, Hung Like A, Modest Cock, Modest Vagina, Heavy Breasted, Small Breasted and Passing Grade Chest
Modest Vagina We're avoiding the whole 'wind tunnel' thing here. Infections will not cause your vagina to ever be more than 'wide'. 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Depths Of Love, Size King, Male Preferred and Modest Organs
Nanite Controller Your general expertise with builder nanites cause your nanite 'mass' to be increased by about 20%. Also gives +1 to nanomagic rolls. 5 50 Crafting NA
Nano Magician You have a natural talent for nanomagic, and may use your Theology rating for any nanomagic-related skillcheck. Moreover, you always gain the benefit of having used a hero point for nanomagic-related tasks. If a feat requires more than one hero point, you must still pay the full cost, however. This will only function if you are the one using nanomagic. It cannot, for example, be used to resist Illusion Nanomagic. 5 50 NA NA
Nano Wizard When working with Nanomagic, you show unusual skill. +2 to all nanomagic rolls. 3 30 RP NA
Needy Your odds of getting assistance from another player in web combat increased from 20% to 50%. 5 50 Combat NA
Neuter Preferred Neuter is cuter, as they say. This perk will completely prevent you from gaining any sexual assets, making sure you stay neuter. This also prevents breast growth. If you want to grow breasts while you possess this, then make sure to grab the 'Breasts' perk as well! 2 20 Sexual, Vanity ALL perks which pertain to sexual configurations and organs.
Never Cover a Hole You will never lose a vagina. 1 10 Sexual Single Sexed and Male Preferred
Never Drop a Ball With this, you'll never drop the ball in your life again. Quite literally, that is. It won't prevent you from making mistakes, but it'll definitely keep the crown jewels right where they should be. 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Neuter Preferred, No Balls
Never Drop a Sausage You will never lose a cock. 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Single Sexed and Female Preferred
Never Surrender a Breast You can't lose breasts from infection. Aren't you a talented thing? 2 20 Sexual, Vanity NA
No Balls As advertised. You do not have and never will have balls. 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Female Preferred, Internal Testicles, Prized Jewels and Tanuki Grade
No Female Sex You will not trigger victory messages when defeating or being defeated by female enemies. This is purely a preference merit, to make our players more comfortable. It is free. 0 n/a Sexual NA
No Male Sex You will not trigger victory messages when defeating or being defeated by male enemies. This is purely a preference merit, to make our players more comfortable. It is free. 0 n/a Sexual NA
Noteworthy Interaction You receive token rewards 15% faster when role-playing 5 50 RP NA
Obvious Pregnancy You advance to the later stages of pregnancy faster. This does not make you give birth faster, just get rounder faster and arrive at the third trimester of things sooner. 2 20 Vanity NA
One Pair You will never have more than two breasts. 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Many Breasted
One Way Your genitals only grow, and resist diminishing infections. Including breasts. 3 30 Sexual Maximum Length, Maximum Depth, Tanuki Grade, Breast Pump and Single Sexed
Opportunistic When your pet or minion defeats an enemy, you take advantage, allowing you to claim your victory(and all its squishy, horrible, or sexy results) over the defeated. 3 30 NA NA
Overblown You like em large, all of em! The mass your infection gives you is magnified, counting for two points for every point above five. 5 50 NA NA
Ovipositioner You have an unusual talent with laying eggs, even if the form you are in isn't built for it. You always count as having the ovipositor flag. 2 20 Vanity NA
Ovulation Period This perk makes it so that, when not under the influence of a monotreme activator, you ovulate for 5 real life days after your first successful breeding. Each time you are bred in this time adds another 'father' to your list of possible parents. Each child born is chosen from the list at random. 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Sterile and Lay Master
Passing Grade Chest Your breasts will never fail the class! You cannot grow breasts to F size or larger. 2 20 Sexual, Vanity NA
Prepackaged You got infected before you were found and inoculated. You will start with infections chosen using the prepackage command. 0 n/a NA NA
Prized Jewels Some men dream of having golf balls between their legs, forget that. You're aiming for celestial bodies to hold your seed. This allows your balls to swell as large as they please. 2 20 Sexual Humble Balls, No Balls, Size King, Female Preferred, Modest Organs and Sexually Stable
Prospector Your ability to 'mine' sources is better than most. Your chance of a rare is doubled, and you get 1 more common per common result. 5 50 RP NA
Pure Breeding Your children will always be born with one species, never chimeric. 2 20 Sexual Weak Breeding and Sterile
Pure Eggs A companion merit to pure breeding(be sure to have that). Causes you to have a 50% chance to steal victory from the male despite him winning the coin flip. 2 20 Sexual Weak Breeding and Sterile
Pure Seed When dealing with a pure breeding female, you have a 50% chance of overwhelming her genetics with your own when she would have won the coin flip. 2 20 Sexual Firing Blanks
Rapid Fire Platitudes Combined with Make Love Not War (You must have this), you can submit as often as you please. 4 40 Sexual NA
Rapid Infections Sometimes, your immune system succumbs to the promethean virus multiple times when it fails, resulting in very rapid transformations. 4 40 NA Ultimate Infection Resistance, Major Infection Resistance and Minor Infection Resistance
Reduced Fertility You are, for whatever reason, less fertile, but not sterile. Your odds of being knocked up in any specific situation are reduced. 3 30 Sexual, Vanity Sterile and Fertile
Reflective Skin Getting shocked is nothing new to you. It happened so often you barely notice it anymore. +EnergyResist 5 50 Combat NA
Resourceful You keep all your things running with less expense, resulting in your resources rating being ten higher than normal. 5 50 NA NA
Risk Taker You prefer big risk, and big rewards! When you happen across a puzzle in your patrols, they will tend to be larger than normal, which also means larger prizes! 3 30 NA NA
Scientifically Minded You adore working together towards larger things. You love reading books, and getting things done in equal measure. Whatever the project, it's good to have you on it. You perform global research faster than others. 4 40 NA NA
Selective Reality You may choose, as a player, which victory messages you actually engage in. This changes nothing, mechanically, but if you want to say you didn't just do that strange thing to that mutant, you're good to go. This does not affect defeat messages(what happens when you lose). 1 10 Vanity NA
Self Control You do not give into feral impulses. You will not trigger 'victory' messages on winning, even while infected. 2 20 Sexual, Vanity NA
Sexually Stable You simply do not change, sexually. You might become a gerbil, but at least you won't have to deal with gender flipping, or exploding out of your underwear. This includes your breasts. 5 50 Sexual NA
Short Your body size is decreased by 20% from whatever is normal for your current species. 4 40 RP Human Sized
Single Sexed You are male, or female, not both. You will never become a hermaphrodite. 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Always Male, Herm Preferred, Female Preferred, Male Preferred, Always Female, One Way, Never Drop a Sausage and Never Cover a Hole
Singular By some strange quirk, your body seems to just prefer being one whole mutation program. Whenever you are exposed to mutation, you begin changing entirely towards this new self. 5 50 NA Ultimate Infection Resistance
Size King What do you mean, 'enough'?! What kind of nonsense is that?! This perk allows your naughty parts to grow and grow and grow. The sky's the limit, maybe literally! Gets you the effect of Heavy Breasted, Depths Of Love, Hung Like A and Prized Jewels, all in one! 4 40 Sexual Small Breasted, Passing Grade Chest, Heavy Breasted, Flat Chest, Depths Of Love, Hung Like A, Modest Organs, Modest Vagina, Prized Jewels and Modest Cock
Slow Cooker Why rush a good thing? You develop children half as fast. Your penalties for being pregnant are reduced by 33%. Sometimes it pays to do things the right way. 3 30 Sexual, Vanity Sterile
Small Breasted Your breasts won't grow past a C-cup. (Or size 3, relative to body size.) 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Passing Grade Chest, Heavy Breasted, Flat Chest, Size King and Modest Organs
Small Frame Too big? Pshaw. With this perk, whenever you are considered for eviction from an area, your effective size is halved, or reduced by 20, whichever is the lesser decrease. 2 20 NA NA
Social Developer XP gained from role-playing increased 50% 5 50 RP NA
Social Paragon Your mastery of social situations is something to be proud of. When engaging in social puzzles, you will be informed of the first number you picked that is both correct and in the correct position. 5 50 NA NA
Sparse For reasons unknown, you are lighter than your mass, durability and strength would imply. This has no mechanical effect, you're just lighter. Go figure! 1 10 NA NA
Sterile Instead of fixing you up, the nanites went horribly wrong. You cannot bear children. You could still sire them though. Stud. 4 40 Sexual, Vanity Baby Machine, Slow Cooker. Weak Breeding, Pure Eggs, Cyclic Heat, Ovulation Period, Matriarch, Lay Master and Reduced Fertility
Sudden Fatherhood You have no idea when female mutants are impregnated by your mighty seed until they appear suddenly with a package for you. 1 10 Vanity NA
Tactical Retreat Your chance of fleeing is increased by 50%. 3 30 Combat NA
Tall You are big! Your body size is increased by 20% from whatever is normal for your current species. 2 20 RP Human Sized
Tanuki Grade Your balls resist attempts to shrink them. Bigger is better. Ask any raccoon dog. 1 10 Sexual No Balls, Female Preferred, One Way and Sexually Stable
Team Player When you get help in web battles, there is a 50% chance of getting two helpers and 25% of getting three. 7 70 Combat NA
Thin You're a bit thin for your height. 2 20 NA NA
Tiny Your size is 50% of your Species. 3 30 RP Human Sized
Top Tier Crafts You may raise any two craft skills 10 above their normal maximum. 10 100 Crafting NA
Tough You have 5% extra hit points. 7 70 Combat NA
Udder Delight You have an udder instead of human breasts. Odd. No mechanical effect. 2 20 Vanity NA
Ultimate Infection Resistance You simply cannot be infected. WARNING: This makes getting mutant powers IMPOSSIBLE. The game will be MUCH MORE DIFFICULT for you! Do not take this lightly! Note: This does not stop sexual changes, see Sexually Stable. 4 40 NA Minor Infection Resistance, Major Infection Resistance, Singular, Weak Immune System and Rapid Infections
Uncanny Scavenger When you score a piece of salvage after battle, you have a 5% chance of finding two instead. 5 50 Combat, Crafting NA
Uncertain Gender For whatever reason, your gender signals are muddled. You don't have a clear gender at a glance, though anyone peeking at the right place may notice. 1 10 Sexual, Vanity Feminine and Masculine
Unfillable You cannot be filled! Any amount of filling that you receive fades away with almost supernatural rapidity. 2 20 Vanity Well Filled
Vigilant You can store up to 25 more patrol points than normal (50 base). 5 50 Combat NA
Virgin You're a virgin. But for how long? 0 n/a Sexual NA
Weak Breeding For whatever reason, children you bear look much more like their father than you. 3 30 Sexual Pure Breeding, Pure Eggs and Sterile
Weak Immune System Your weak immune system results in more infections, causing more changes to you when struck. 4 40 NA Ultimate Infection Resistance, Major Infection Resistance and Advanced Inoculation
Wealthy Your economics skill is considered 2 higher (even over 3!) for sake of Freecred earned from battle rewards. Does NOT affect shop prices, quest rewards, mission rewards, or how much your mother loves you. 6 60 NA NA
Well Filled You can be filled (by cum} much more than normal (+50%) 2 20 Sexual, Vanity Unfillable
Wildly Famous Your accomplishments are so well known you can't control which people talk about. When speaking on the public channel, your badge is randomized. 1 10 Vanity NA
Winged You have wings. They don't have to work (see Flight), but you have them, even in forms that are normally without wings. 2 20 RP, Vanity NA

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