Selective Reality

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Selective Reality
Description You may choose, as a player, which victory messages you actually engage in. This changes nothing, mechanically, but if you want to say you didn't just do that strange thing to that mutant, you're good to go. That is, you may ignore any and all aspects of a victory message your character takes part in, except for the aspects which cause stat or state changes. And even in the situation where a stat or state change does happen, explain how it happened any way you wish that is still possible. This does not affect defeat messages (what happens when you lose).
Cost 1

As an example, if you win against a Female Husky and impregnate her, you may not ignore that this happened, however, may explain how said Female Husky was made pregnant. Examples of this include it happening as a fling when you were out sharing food with ferals, an attempt that failed at rehabilitating said Female Husky, or even that mid fight instead of having to beat her up, she just gave herself over to you. Edit notes