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No, you're not actually hexed, but it sure seems that way. Statuses laid on you in combat twist and turn, causing a positive buff for double the debuff's duration at 5/10/15% of its magnitude. Until cleared this simply lowers the effect of the debuff, but once cleared the buff remains. This includes lingering DoT effects changed into Regen. It's a curious defense. Bewitched also wards against hostile statuses as per Warded skill at 3/6/9%. When you are struck with a negative complementary status (such as shaken), bewitched will give you the positive version (lockedon) for a duration of 20% of the negative per point (60% of the duration at bewitched 3).

Available In Classes

Brother's Keeper 1
Captivator 1
Classless 0.4
Cursed Lover 1
Fox Magician 1
Hell Raiser 1
Point Man 1
Raccoon Guardian 1
Tormentor 1
Tousky Party Escort 1
Tukupar Itar 1
Twilight Breaker 1

Available In Roles

Acrobat 1
Agent of Chaos 1
Buffer 1
Cleric 1
Tank 1