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Your attacks take advantage of nanites in a subversive way, causing the wounds you inflict to draw vitality into yourself. Gain 2/4/6 base Vampiric Rating, doubled for damage over time effects. Vampiric rating (from powers, the Vampiric status, and the Vampiric combat skill) soft caps at 25 and 50, and then is modified by a final multiplier to find the effective percent of damage converted to health: 50% at Vampiric 0, 75% at Vampiric 1, 100% at Vampiric 2, and 125% at Vampiric 3, with an upper limit of 75% of the attack's damage.

Available In Classes

Anarchist 1
Berserker 2
Classless 0.4
Determinator 1
Fullblade Edgelord 1
Life Sapper 2
Monstrosity 1
Nekomancer 1
Plague Doctor 2
Tormentor 1

Available In Roles

Active Tank 1
Agent of Chaos 1
Vampiric DoT DPS 2