Nanite Adept (dedication)

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Zephyr Labs will accept your loyalty and offers SCIENCE! in return.


Costs 50 Mako to dedicate yourself in the lab one step north and one west of Triage.


Grants the power to shift into any form you have mastered (list forms). Also grants access to the Recall command which allows you to teleport to your dedication point, Zephyr Lab, and then back to where you last recalled from. Finally you gain the Reconstruct power for combat use as you force your nanites to return to a non-bleeding pattern.

'shift' by itself lists the forms you have available. 'shift blue gryphon' changes all your body parts and gender settings to the Blue Gryphon default and costs 40 energy. With the Nanite Fine Tuner, 'shift legs=blue gryphon' changes your leg to the Blue Gryphon form and your sexual sizes to match, and costs 10 energy. Additionally, the Fine Tuner allows the Adept to save 'loadouts.' Using 'shift save/load=1/2/3' allows to save or load one of three saved forms.

Additional Equipment

Name Description Mako Cost
Adept - Internal Software This software allows you to toggle Internal Genitals, Internal Penis, and Internal Testicles. 50
Adept - Kemonomimi Software This curious bit of software allows you to give, or remove, the kemonomimi merit to yourself on demand. Just shift kemo and enjoy! Additionally, you can shift kemo genitals for the Kemonomimi Genitals perk, too! 30
Adept - Looks Native Software This software allows you to toggle Looks Native on and off. 50
Adept - Satyric Software This curious bit of software allows you to give, or remove, the satyric merit to yourself on demand. Just shift satyric and enjoy! Additionally, you can use shift satyric skin in order to do the same with the Satyric Skin perk! 30
Adept - Winged Software This curious bit of software allows you to give, or remove, the Winged merit to yourself on demand. Just shift wings and enjoy! 30
Carnal Recorder This item works with the Nanite Adept dedication to record the size and amount of all of your genitalia, allowing you to have up to 3 configurations saved at any given time. Usage: shift sexsave=#, and shift sexload=# 10
Commandable Nanites If you have these on you, are nanite adept and give someone trust to change you, they can use the shift command on you had typed it yourself! (checks all your items and equipment, not theirs). See help shift for usage details. 30
Infection Randomizer Allows nanite adepts or coyotes to target 'random' when they just can't make up their minds. 20
Nanite Carnal Equalizer This fantastic device allows those trained in the arts of nanite adept to adjust their sexual characteristics, both primary and secondary, to that of a mastered infection schematic, without taking on any of the other characteristics of the infection. Want to be hung like a horse, without all that hair? We're here for you. Type shift genitals=(infection) OR shift cocks/cock length/cunts/cunt length/breasts/breast size=(infection) 25
Nanite Fine Tuner This fancy looking device allows Nanite Adepts to fine control their changes by shutting down nanite control over all parts of their body but the one they want to change. Quite impressive really. Only useful for those who have access to the nanite adept's shift ability. shift (body part)=(infection). Even more awesome, you can save up to 4 configurations. You still need to know the form to save a part with it and it costs energy like a normal full body shift. shift save=1/2/3/4, shift load=1/2/3/4 50
Nanite Focus Device This curious looking harness is made to be worn under clothing easily, and is flexible enough to withstand transformations easily. While worn, it amplifies the user's commands over nanites allowing nanite adepts to shift specific body parts while they ARE NOT focusing on their adept training. You can use it for generic shift: shift (infection). Does not need to be equipped, just shift like you want to. This does require proper badge-ownership of Nanite Adept. 50
Nanite Gender Assigner This strange device allows you to overcome sexual limitations. Though many agents report being restricted to only male or female, you transcend this. This works in conjuction with other adept abilities/devices. Does not work for non adepts. More mechanically, it allows you to ignored (gender) preferred merits when shifting or tfing. 20
Nanite Resistor This curious device allows a nanite adept(current or not) to prevent their form from being changed due to mutation. This does not prevent changes to genitals. (Type shift block to turn on the immunity, and shift unblock to undo it.) 30
Nanite Sexual Stabilizer A small little device, quite handy, for Nanite Adepts to place their nanites (Localized to the genitalia of the user) on an infinite loop, keeping their biological traits intact throughout the course of it's use. Simple easy press button toggling! (shift sex to toggle) 25
Nanite Social Devolutionizer This handy little Zephyr device will allow a Nanite Adept to mimic the scents, sounds and behavior of any specified mutation strain the Nanite Adept has knowledge of, to trick that specific kind of ferals into not considering them to be a threat! (Opposite of Monster Bait). Remember: The waiver you sign before getting this device handed to you will free Zephyr Labs of any responsibility for your possible death caused by overzealous field agents encountering you in this state.'(Type use #) 50
Nanite Spatial Recalculator Be a hulking mass of dread! Be a graceful nymph! With science you have no need for cardio* to lose that weight, and everyone can become a hunk from the comfort of their favorite lobby couch! This handy scientific marvel of a gadget/implant/nanite programming allows a Nanite Adept, or Tanuki, to shift their size to that of one of their learned forms, without actually changing to that form. Usage: shift size=creature. Note, this will change you to precisely that form's size, not including perks. Status modifiers still apply. 45
Native Fine Tuner This item, in conjunction with the Nanite Fine Tuner, allows nativized mutants to shift parts of themselves to their native form.(shift arms=native) 10
Reconstructor So long as you have the power Reconstruct(gained from nanite adept), you will also gain access to Fragment, Rebuild, and Integration. 50
TIE The TIE (or Tool for Infection Entanglement) is a real oddball product out of Zephyr's research departments, enabling any number of Nanite Adepts to synchronize their mutations over great distances. The scientists reassured us it's safe, and despite using a great deal of applied quantum physics, no cats were boxed up to be dead and alive at once. (USAGE NOTES: For information on how to use this addon, refer to nlink #help. First use of this command to establish a link with another player will render it no trade, and unable to be given or sold to somebody else.) 45

Thematic Information

Nanite Adept is a very invasive surgery that comes with intense training in how to manipulate your mutation nanites afterward, allowing you to return to any form, or with the right equipment, any parts of forms that you have become very familiar with.