Tanuki (dedication)

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Cute and hyper.


From the Overworld Map in the southeast corner of Fairhaven, someone can dedicate at the Strange Shrine for 50 Mako.


Tanuki (dedication)

Arms: Small Claws, Clever Paws
Groin: Protein Shield, Protein Armor
Skin: Furry Hide
Torso: Solid Frame, Vitality

The Bountiful Joy from a Tanuki radiates to their allies, making them a little more effective in combat. They can also bash people with their Scrotal Flail, which is devastating, in more ways than one.

Additionally, Tanuki gain the ability to alter their endowments. They can change the size of their breasts, balls, and cocks while also changing the number of breasts they have. They do not need any specific form known to be able to do this.

Additional Equipment

Name Description Mako Cost
Golden Tanuki Leaf This rare gold leaf has the power to focus Tanuki's influence in someone already dedicated to that entity. It allows them to use other leaves even when not actively dedicated. 25
Nanite Spatial Recalculator Be a hulking mass of dread! Be a graceful nymph! With science you have no need for cardio* to lose that weight, and everyone can become a hunk from the comfort of their favorite lobby couch! This handy scientific marvel of a gadget/implant/nanite programming allows a Nanite Adept, or Tanuki, to shift their size to that of one of their learned forms, without actually changing to that form. Usage: shift size=creature. Note, this will change you to precisely that form's size, not including perks. Status modifiers still apply. 45
Silver Leaf This curious device allows Tanuki to expand their parts at the moment of using a power relying on the part, causing them to be maximally effective, without the back aches. This only works while actively Tanuki, or in conjunction with a gold leaf. Works so long as in the inventory. 30
Tanuki Objectifying Leaf This maple leaf has a strange stone like edging to it. The color of the leaf changes with the seasons. A tanuki dedicant can use the leaf to assume the shape of any inanimate object that is human sized or less. It can only have one moving part at most(A door with a working hinge is alright). The object must be securely placed, so you cannot transform in mid air or a surface too steep or fragile to hold your new form. While in this form, you are aware of what happens to you, feeling your surface just the same as skin. You may return to normal at any time, but you will not break barriers, so if you are held in a smaller space, you cannot return to normal(unless you are capable of assuming a form small enough to fit the space). The smallest an object you can become is six inches long and one inch in girth. 10

Thematic Information

Raccoon dogs. Tanuki have great power over their body, allowing them to change their sexual characteristics at will. Attempts to change their sexual attributes against their will not only fail, but recover some of their energy. By focusing on a leaf, Tanuki may [shift] into their spiritual form, or to human from there.