Nanite Carnal Equalizer

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Nanite Carnal Equalizer
In-Game Desc This fantastic device allows those trained in the arts of nanite adept to adjust their sexual characteristics, both primary and secondary, to that of a mastered infection schematic, without taking on any of the other characteristics of the infection. Want to be hung like a horse, without all that hair? We're here for you. Type shift Genitals=(infection) OR shift cocks/cock length/cunts/cunt length/breasts/breast size=(infection)
Cost 25
Merit Interactions
Name Override
One Way Yes
No Vagina No
Never Drop a Sausage No
Always Herm No
Heavy Breasted No
Hung Like A No

Interactions with other merits currently unclear.

Thematic Information

The Nanite Carnal Equalizer, just like the Nanite Fine Tuner, is basically a reprogramming of the Nanite Adept CnC Nanites with a new set of enhanced instructions. Like the Nanite Fine Tuner, this reprogramming can either be acquired by your Nanite Adept character consciously or subconsciously, either by an invasive procedure in the labs, a purchased official 'Nanite Carnal Equalizer' gadget you carry, or without your character's knowledge through one of Zephyr's experimental meals and supplies.

Usable Command Examples

The commands used are Bold, examples of how to use the command are in Italic.

shift Genitals=(infection)

This will change all of your genitals (cock, breasts, cunt) to the specified infection size and length. Meaning your breasts will grow or shrink, your cock might become longer, smaller or vanish altogether or the same could happen to your cunt.

shift genitals=Ember Warrior would change all of your genitals to the Ashen render infection size and length.

shift cocks/cock length/cock width/cunts/cunt length/breasts/breast size=(infection)

This will change your cocks/cock length/ball size, your cunts/cunt length or breasts/breast size to the infection of your choice. If you got the appropriate perks. No P sized breasts without having the Heavy Breasted merit.

shift cock length=Hugely hung hyper herm horse (Alternatively you can use shift cock length=herm horse, both commands would be accepted) would shift your cock to the length of the Hyper herms horse cock, but only up to 18 inches unless you have the Hung Like A merit.

shift cocks=Parasitic plant would give you the amount of cocks the Parasitic Plant has.

shift cunts=Parasitic Plant would give you the amount of cunts the Parasitic Plant has.

shift breasts=Ember Matriarch would give you the amount of breasts the Ember Matriarch has. Edit notes