Front Row

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You stand at the front, drawing attention. Increase aggro generation by 10/20/40% and multiply the result by the same. (You do something worth 10 aggro, it becomes 11 aggro, when the critter checks how threatening you are, it becomes 12 aggro.) Cover effects you place are increased by 10% per point, and the duration of Fortified binaries on you are lengthened per point, though not exceeding caps. The damage you receive from cover effects is reduced by 5% per point. So long as you keep aggro, enemy AoEs are reduced, and you exert a subtle but constant taunting effect. When solo, this functions as half a point of Durability and Damage perpoint (even if over 3).The highest of front row or support counts for affecting thefortified(the binary status for damageresist), and Covered(the binarystatus for cover) on yourself or others.

Available In Roles

Active Tank 3
Cleric 1
Debuffer Tank 3
Tank 3

AreaProtect status reduces the AOE damage your allies take by its magnitude percent, and increases your damage by the same percent. No effect if the monster isn't specifically targeting you with the AOE.