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Statuses you receive from enemies don't stick as well. Their magnitudes are reduced by 10/20/30%. This does not include repeat attacks. Every time you are struck, you gain an immediate debuffclear of 0.5 mag per point. Incoming Damage over Time effects are diminished in magnitude by an additional 10/20/30%, but their duration is extended to make up the difference. Incoming negative complementary statuses (like Shaken) are reduced by 10% duration per point, to a maximum of 50% duration.

Available In Classes

Blood Warrior 1
Brother's Keeper 1
Classless 0.4
Corporal 1
Determinator 1
Frontline Soldier 1
Hedonist 1
Incorrigible Jerk 1
Midnight Templar 1
Milk Maiden 1
Monster Monarch 1
NanoTuner 1
Nekomancer 1
Nurturer 1
Point Man 1
Regen Scrapper 1
Statuesque 1
Tail Guard 1
Tukupar Itar 1
Wasteland Paladin 1

Available In Roles

Acrobat 1
Buffer 2
Cleric 1
Debuffer 1
Debuffer Tank 1
Healer 2
Instant DPS 1
Model Citizen 1
Tank 1

The duration on the effect remains the same, it's just less bad.