Milk Maiden

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Milk Maiden

You bear a heavy burden. While for most people this would be on your back, this was not your lot in life. Your burden rides on your chest, full of sweet restoring nutrition to stave off hunger and pain in your friends. They need not fear so long as you're around. Your milk is the solution to all their problems.

Role: Healer/Buffer

Soul Powers

Level 15 Does a Body Good
Level 25 Calcium Enriched
Level 35 Pasteurization
Level 45 Always Whole

Combat Skills

Level 2 Healing
Level 4 Durability
Level 7 Fast Loading
Level 9 Support
Level 12 Lingering Kindness
Level 14 Healing
Level 15 Controlled Burst
Level 16 Regenerating
Level 19 Warded
Level 21 Healing
Level 23 Support
Level 25 Endurance
Level 28 Lingering Kindness
Level 30 Endurance
Level 32 Back Row
Level 34 Warded
Level 37 Fast Loading
Level 39 Endurance
Level 42 Avoidance
Level 44 Warded
Level 46 Damage
Level 49 Speed
Level 52 Controlled Burst
Level 54 Speed
Level 56 Fast Loading
Level 59 Healing
Avoidance 1
Back Row 1
Controlled Burst 2
Damage 1
Durability 1
Endurance 3
Fast Loading 3
Healing 4
Lingering Kindness 2
Regenerating 1
Speed 2
Support 2
Warded 3
Milk Maiden/Extra Notes

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