Incorrigible Jerk

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Incorrigible Jerk

For what it's worth, you're not really a jerk. You exude a constant aura of pain and suffering, but somehow your friends fail to notice. When things get close to you, you're always ready with a quick insult to unbalance them.
You're pretty good at getting out of the way, and at the same time, ready to take a hit, comes with acting like you do... Yeah. Fine. You're a jerk. The poison pours from you to them, they might not feel it at first, but soon enough, they'll be doubled over, only (somewhat) metaphorically reeling in the existential suffering that you inflict so carefully. And yet, it's part of you, almost harder to turn it off than accept its effects
But your friends aren't the ones who have to notice. Whether they know it or not, it's for them.

Role: Off-tank/DoT DPS

Soul Powers

Level 15 Yer Face is...
Level 25 Schadenfreude
Level 35 Prickly Skin
Level 45 Yer Mom

Combat Skills

Level 2 Tactician
Level 4 Durability
Level 6 Damage
Level 8 Health
Level 10 -Scavenger
Level 12 Rage
Level 14 Outnumbered
Level 16 Enduring Malice
Level 18 Technical
Level 20 Reactive
Level 21 Reactive
Level 22 Speed
Level 24 Enduring Malice
Level 26 Accuracy
Level 28 Avoidance
Level 30 Technical
Level 32 Warded
Level 34 Outnumbered
Level 36 -Scavenger
Level 38 Health
Level 40 Damage
Level 42 Warded
Level 44 Tactician
Level 46 Enduring Malice
Level 48 Tactician
Level 50 Durability
Level 52 Tactician
Level 54 Avoidance
Level 56 Front Row
Level 58 Accuracy
Scavenger -2
Accuracy 2
Avoidance 2
Damage 2
Durability 2
Enduring Malice 3
Front Row 1
Health 2
Outnumbered 2
Rage 1
Reactive 2
Speed 1
Tactician 4
Technical 2
Warded 2
Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for around 10,000 Freecreds, but why would you do this?

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