Controlled Burst

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AoEs, by default, deal -30% damage to their secondary targets and +10% on their primary. Every point of this skill additively increases these values by +10% and 5%, respectively. You also gain +1 target on AoE powers 33/66/99% of the time. Every point of Controlled Burst negates 1 point of enemy Front Row for the sake of reducing AoE. Additionally, Controlled Burst reduces the rate at which accuracy decays for each successive target in an AOE.

Available In Classes

Anarchist 2
Blood Warrior 1
Cheerleader 1
Cihuacoatl Warrior 1
Classless 0.4
Corporal 1
Cursed Lover 1
Determinator 1
Explosives Expert 2
Flame Warden 1
Frontline Soldier 1
Hell Raiser 2
Life Sapper 1
Milk Maiden 1
Monstrosity 1
Pack Rat 1
Regen Scrapper 1
Storm Caller 1
Tail Guard 1
Twilight Breaker -1
Wind Blade 1

Available In Roles

Agent of Chaos 1
Big Hit AoE DPS 2
Buffer 1
Cleric 1
Healer 1
Instant DPS 1

An increase in accuracy means the targets are more likely to take full damage. The second rank improves the Spread targeting method (added at the end of October). Rank three makes AOE powers hit more targets more accurately.