Explosives Expert

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Explosives Expert

Sometimes, the proper answer is explosives. Still, such things cannot just be hurled without care. Precision, expertise, and a steady hand are required if you want to be alive long enough to try it again. I know it looks like anarchist fun when you have a rocket launcher on your shoulder, but there's a lot of thought behind it, like who you're going to explode today. Think on it.

Role: Gear-focused AoE Big Hits

Soul Powers

Level 15 Explosive Grip
Level 25 Grenade Toss
Level 35 Rocket Fire
Level 45 Artillery Call

Combat Skills

Level 2 Technical
Level 4 Back Row
Level 7 Damage
Level 9 Controlled Burst
Level 12 Durability
Level 14 Accuracy
Level 15 Scavenger
Level 16 Back Row
Level 19 Damage
Level 21 Controlled Burst
Level 23 Fast Loading
Level 25 Endurance
Level 28 Speed
Level 30 Opportunity
Level 32 Technical
Level 34 Bleeding
Level 37 Damage
Level 39 Controlled Burst
Level 42 Rage
Level 44 Opportunity
Level 46 Fast Loading
Level 49 Overkill
Level 52 Health
Level 54 Durability
Level 56 Endurance
Level 59 Technical
Accuracy 1
Back Row 2
Bleeding 1
Controlled Burst 3
Damage 3
Durability 2
Endurance 2
Fast Loading 2
Health 1
Opportunity 2
Overkill 1
Rage 1
Scavenger 1
Speed 1
Technical 3
Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 150,000 Freecreds.

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