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Your ability to react swiftly to changing conditions. It increases your base charge speed by 10/20/30%, making your powers activate faster. Also DECREASES the duration of repeatattacks by the same amount, making them deal their damage faster. The base delay of turns (1000 ATB) is also decreased by 100 per point.

Available In

Anarchist 1
Blood Warrior 3
Brawler 3
Captivator 1
Classless 1
Combat Medic 2
Corporal 2
Cursed Lover 3
Den Keeper 1
Determinator 2
Fox Magician 1
Heavy Fighter 1
Milk Maiden 2
Monstrosity 2
Nurturer 2
Pack Rat 2
Plague Doctor 2
Point Man 2
Sniper 3
Strategist 3
Tormentor 2
Wasteland Paladin 1

Has the same effect as a magnitude 10/20/30 Haste effect and stacks with it. Normal delay is 1000 ATB units after the power finishes firing.