Police Officer

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Police Officer

Protect and serve is a common motto among police officers. So protecting the innocent is a calling that many still feel, and while ultimately, the application of justice is for the courts to decide, the service and needs of the people are more immediately served by officers of the law. At least, that's the ideal.

Many meet their end in this role. Be careful, officer.

Role: Hybrid Buffer/Debuffer/Healer/DoT DPS

Soul Powers

Level 15 Protect and Serve
Level 25 Crime Against The Peace
Level 35 Emergency First Aid
Level 45 Tactical Consideration

Combat Skills

Level 8 Enduring Malice
Level 10 Damage
Level 12 Opportunity
Level 14 Support
Level 16 Front Row
Level 18 Healing
Level 20 Endurance
Level 22 Support
Level 24 Healing
Level 26 Opportunity
Level 28 Technical
Level 30 Lingering Kindness
Level 32 Accuracy
Level 34 Support
Level 36 Tactician
Level 38 Avoidance
Level 40 Lingering Kindness
Level 42 Avoidance
Level 44 Health
Level 45 Tactician
Level 46 Health
Level 47 Tactician
Level 49 Speed
Level 51 Enduring Malice
Level 53 Fast Loading
Level 55 Avoidance
Accuracy 1
Avoidance 3
Damage 1
Endurance 1
Enduring Malice 2
Fast Loading 1
Front Row 1
Healing 2
Health 2
Lingering Kindness 2
Opportunity 2
Speed 1
Support 3
Tactician 3
Technical 1
Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 7,500 Freecreds.

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