Heroic Outlaw

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Heroic Outlaw

What others call profiteering, you call righteous plundering. The spoils of battle are yours to take, and you only take your due, ensuring your friends and allies standing on the front lines earn the greater share. Relying on a keen eye and a strict moral compass, you've learned to stand your ground and never falter, keeping spirits high and the body count higher.

Role: Vibrant Single-target Big Hits DPS

Soul Powers

Level 15 Alms Wide Open
Level 25 Aim True
Level 35 Split the Arrow
Level 45 Lincoln Green

Combat Skills

Level 1 Health
Level 3 Vibrant Strikes
Level 4 Endurance
Level 7 Healing
Level 9 Speed
Level 11 Fast Loading
Level 13 Damage
Level 20 Back Row
Level 21 Avoidance
Level 22 Concentrated
Level 27 Back Row
Level 28 Accuracy
Level 29 Penetration
Level 30 Healing
Level 31 Vibrant Strikes
Level 34 Concentrated
Level 38 Bleeding
Level 39 Damage
Level 42 Concentrated
Level 43 Accuracy
Level 44 Bleeding
Level 47 Vibrant Strikes
Level 49 Penetration
Level 50 Speed
Level 51 Fast Loading
Level 59 Accuracy
Accuracy 3
Avoidance 1
Back Row 2
Bleeding 2
Concentrated 3
Damage 2
Endurance 1
Fast Loading 2
Healing 2
Health 1
Penetration 2
Speed 2
Vibrant Strikes 3
Heroic Outlaw/Extra Notes

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