Street Samurai

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Street Samurai

The Street Samurai is a master of weapons, one with extensive training often combined with carefully chosen nanite augmentation to enhance their combat potential beyond normal human limits. They often adopt codes of honor as well, from simply not harming innocent bystandards to more complex codes like bushido, as a way of holding on to their humanity in a nanite-infested world.

Role: Technical Big Hits DPS

Soul Powers

Level 15 Tranquil Acumen
Level 25 Windless Cut
Level 35 Blade Parry
Level 45 Setting Sun

Combat Skills

Level 2 Damage
Level 4 Avoidance
Level 7 Fast Loading
Level 9 Technical
Level 12 Sacrificial Fury
Level 14 Endurance
Level 15 Speed
Level 16 Accuracy
Level 19 Health
Level 21 Damage
Level 23 Avoidance
Level 25 Bleeding
Level 28 Fast Loading
Level 30 Sacrificial Fury
Level 32 Speed
Level 34 Technical
Level 37 Flurry
Level 39 Damage
Level 42 Back Row
Level 44 Speed
Level 46 Endurance
Level 49 Bleeding
Level 52 Accuracy
Level 54 Avoidance
Level 56 Bleeding
Level 59 Penetration
Accuracy 2
Avoidance 3
Back Row 1
Bleeding 3
Damage 3
Endurance 2
Fast Loading 2
Flurry 1
Health 1
Penetration 1
Sacrificial Fury 2
Speed 3
Technical 2
Acquired by talking with Diya after dedicating to the Weapon Master dedication.

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