All Natural

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All Natural
Description You don't need no crazy nanite super powers! You got a helmet, a knife, a gun or a stick a dynamite. It's you vs the world, and you're going to take it head on! Your loadout capacity increases by 30, +3 per 3 levels(stacks with always be prepared), you may NOT use any mutant power(including passives). As you gain levels, your Loadout and Upkeep will increase. You gain Cure at level 12, and Intense Training at level 1. Both scale with level and are enhanced by your knowledge skills.

You may still use the inherent powers of Strike and Rest, along with the powers granted by a dedication (but not those from the dedication form). In other words no mutant powers such as lactaid which would basically have you nurse someone (Or something) with your tainted breasts for healing or any other power for that matter. However All Natural does boost your load out capacity, increasing it from the start by 30 then 3 more points for every level you gain. In addition you gain Cure at level 12.

Taking All Natural would saying that you swear off on any use of your infection (If you get any) And remaining a tool using super soldier totting miniguns rather then using tooth and claw. Edit notes