Crested Wyvern

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Crested Wyvern

Arms: Gouging Claws
Tail: Tail Slap
Groin: Love Box
Head: Bleeding Bite
Skin: Thick Hide
Torso: Charge, Wind Buffet


This creature might look familiar to some...

The Crested Wyvern's body is covered in scaled flesh. Her head is drawn into a long muzzle, filled with sharp teeth. Her ears are no longer to be seen, while her head is bracketed by a large crest of scaled bone. Her body is long and serpentine, a large pair of wings on her upper spine. At the wings' current size, Crested Wyvern looks poorly suited for more than gliding. Her arms are now a large pair of claws, still able, barely, to manipulate things like any normal human hands could. Her legs are no longer evident at all, drawn into her body and lost to her infection. Instead, she has a long, muscular, patterned tail, large spines near the end of it. The long extremity, twice as long as her body is tall, hides a single slit just between her legs. A private peek would reveal that: Her groin resembles that of a crested wyvern. She has an elbow-deep invitingly damp pussy.