Namidian (dedication)

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Go on a vision quest. It's fun.


Go east of Fairhaven to the Aassahke encampment. Complete the vision quest to gain access to dedication for 60 Mako.


Namidian (dedication)

Arms: Solar Ray
Head: Adrenaline Boost, Defiance
Skin: Vitality, Gift of Story

Namidian can use their Totemic Spear to strike a foe with a powerful force, dealing harm as well as whittling their desire to fight. Additionally, the Light of the Guardian to restore an ally's body while also opening their heart.

The Namidian form is a template form, meaning it adds an additional appearance to whatever mutations you have. The powers override your original form, however.

Also, all Namidian, depending on the choices they make during the vision quest, gain a Spirit Guide that follows them, no matter which path they take - They can be dedicated to anything else and still summon their faithful companion. The possibilities are a Bear, Hawk, Snake, Deer, and Wolf. The outcome also shapes the appearance of the Namidian template.
NOTE: In order to gain access to this summon, you must check totem after dedicating to receive the power.

Summon Powers and Upgrades Roles Summon Powers and Upgrades Roles
Totemic Bear Bear Hug -1000 Cooldown
Gouging Claws
Guarding Stance
Juggernaut +1 DamageResistMag
Muscle Mass +100 MaxHPMag
Solid Frame +1 PhysicalDamageResistMag
Threatening Presence
Wild Swing +20 Accuracy
Health 3
Durability 2
Rage 2
Warded 2
Totemic Deer Abundant Supply +8 HealingMag
Awww +5 DamageBuffDebuffDuration
Furry Hide +1.5 PhysicalDamageResist & EnergyDamageResist
Leap +2 AoE
Long Ears
Muscle Mass +75 MaxHPMag
Tears of Life
Lingering Kindness 3
Healing 2
Avoidance 1
Warded 1
Totemic Hawk Evening Song +2 AoE
Feathery Hide +3 EnergyDamageResistMag
Gouging Claws
Infuse Blood
Muscle Mass +75 MaxHPMag
Peck +5 EnergyDamageMag
Sonic Screech +20 DefenseDebuffMag
Support 3
Bewitched 2
Controlled Burst 2
Speed 1
Totemic Rattlesnake Cold Blooded +3 HPBufferMag
Enervating Poison +6 DamageBuffDebuffMag
Lunge +7 Damage
Muscle Mass +50 MaxHPMag
Paralytic Venom
Poison Bite +2 EnergyDamageMag
Scaled Hide +2 HPBufferMag
Vitality +16 HasteMag
Tactician 3
Enduring Malice 2
Avoidance 1
Back Row 1
Totemic Wolf Adrenaline Boost +10 DamageBuffDuration
Bleeding Bite +4 Damage
Furry Hide +1.5 PhysicalDamageResist & EnergyDamageResist
Howl +4 EnergyBreakMag
Muscle Mass +75 MaxHPMag
Pack Loyalty
Sharp Bite +16 Damage, +4 DamageBuffDuration
Penetration 3
Damage 2
Accuracy 1
Durability 1
Rage 1

Thematic Information

Namidian, the word to describe a new growing sect of the People's warriors, inspired by the Great Trickster himself, using powers found within and tapping into their animal totem spirit. Each must make a great journey to find themselves before they are able to wield the spear of the People, and the healing light of the Star Dancer. They are also granted the ability to call upon their Totem Spirit no matter where life takes them.