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Your ability to cover your vulnerable parts. It increases the power of any +resist ability affecting you, causing you to resist 20/40/60% more damage. Also allows you to resist 10/20/30% of incoming damage, calculated from pre-resist levels. Note that this power will also reduce the potency of any SELF TARGETED heals you use by 3/6/9%. This does not affect DamageImmunity.

Available In Classes

Berserker 1
Bloody Sadist 1
Classless 0.4
Commando 1
Determinator 1
Explosives Expert 1
Frontline Soldier 2
Fullblade Edgelord 1
Heavy Fighter 1
Incorrigible Jerk 1
Life Sapper 1
Martyr -1
Midnight Templar 1
Mobster 1
Monster Monarch 1
Point Man 1
Raccoon Guardian 1
Rainbow Warrior 1
Statuesque 1
Tail Guard 1
Tousky Party Escort 1
Wasteland Paladin 1

Available In Roles

Active Tank 1
Big Hit AoE DPS 1
Buffer 1
Cleric 1
Concentrated DPS 1
Debuffer 1
Debuffer Tank 2
Healer 1
Repeat DPS 1
Survivor 2
Tank 2

Increases the magnitude of all your Resist powers, as well as a Moo someone else uses on you, by the stated percent.
This skill, along with Avoidance and Health, reduce the direct heals you do by 3% per point.