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Your ability to withstand punishment. Increases your hitpoints by 10/20/30% and increases heals/regen aimed at you by half that amount. Also, any SELF TARGETED heal you use is reduced by 3/6/9%. Every point of the Front Row skill enhances this skill by 15%.

Available In

Anarchist 1
Berserker 2
Blood Warrior 2
Brawler 1
Classless 1
Combat Medic 2
Corporal 1
Cursed Lover 1
Den Keeper 2
Heavy Fighter 2
Midnight Templar 2
Mobster 3
Monster Monarch 2
Monstrosity 2
Pack Rat 1
Plague Doctor 1
Point Man 3
Raccoon Guardian 4
Strategist 1
Tormentor 1
Wasteland Paladin 4

This skill, along with Avoidance and Durability, reduces direct heals you do by 3% per point. Yes, that is a tiny reduction in heals you do on yourself, but still a net gain.