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Why absorb hits when you can just not take them? Increases your defense enhancing statuses by 15/30/45%. Also allows you to roll with blows. You will resist between 3/6/9% and 10/20/30% of an incoming attack, increasing as you are lower in hit points. Note, this power will also reduce the potency of any SELF TARGETED heals you use by 3/6/9%. Normally, enemies that are higher level than you enjoy +10 accuracystatus per level of difference. Avoidance reduces that bonus by 2 each.

Available In Classes

Bounty Hunter 1
Brawler 1
Brother's Keeper 1
Classless 0.4
Desk Jockey 1
Fox Magician 1
Hell Raiser 1
Huntress 1
Incorrigible Jerk 1
Nekomancer 2
Nurturer 1
Pack Rat 1
Point Man 1
Police Officer 1
Rainbow Warrior 1
Stealth Ninja 1
Strategist 1
Street Samurai 1
Tail Guard 2
Tukupar Itar 2
Twilight Breaker 1
Wasteland Paladin 1
Wind Blade 1

Available In Roles

Acrobat 2
Active Tank 2
Big Hit 1
Buffer 1
Cleric -1
Concentrated DPS 1
Debuffer 1
Debuffer Tank 2
Healer 1
Instant DPS 1
Model Citizen 1
Repeat DPS 1
Survivor 1
Tank 1
Vampiric DoT DPS 1

The way the percent reduction works on this skill is such that you get a percent of the total amount based on your missing HP +20%. When you have 100% HP remaining, you get the floored value (at Avoidance 3, 9% reduction). This starts to change at 90% HP. When at 70% HP remaining, you get 50% of the total effect (or at Avoidance 3, 15% reduction.) At 20% HP remaining you cap out. (Avoidance 3, 30% reduction).

  • The calculation for this is ((Percent of missing HP + 20) * 10/20/30%) Floor 3/6/9% : Ceiling 10/20/30%

This skill, along with Health and Durability, reduce the magnitude of direct heals you do by 3% per point.

Feline Agility has a Defense effect of magnitude 10, so two ranks of Avoidance would increase that to 13.

To understand Defense, you have to understand the whole defense system. The game makes a potential total of three rolls, each a 1d100, with any number at or below the target being a 'hit'. Included in accuracy is the enemy's attack's base accuracy.

  • The first roll is enemy Accuracy - your Defense - 35.
    • If this hits, 100% of the damage is applied.
  • The next is just enemy Accuracy - your Defense.
    • If this hits, 75% of the damage is applied.
  • The last enemy Accuracy - your Defense + 40.
    • If this hits, 50% of the damage is applied.
    • If this misses, 25% of the damage is applied.

Here is an example! An enemy using a power with 75% and having +15 accuracy, against a Player with 25 defense, it would look like this 75 + 15 - 25 - 35, for a target number of 30. If the 1d100 comes up as a 30 or less, then this hit is a success!

There are caps of course. The hard caps are such that your target number can never go above 95 nor below 5. Next, the soft caps are at 50, 100, 150, 200, and so on. The first 50 give a 1 to 1 relation. After, 51 to 100, requires 2 points of accuracy or defense to add 1 effective point to either. Then 101 to 150 requires 4 points to add 1 effective point, and so on.