Lingering Kindness

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Active power Statuses you inflict on allies (including yourself) persist much longer. Increase duration by 20/40/60%. Any energy draining effect of your ally/self powers is also reduced by 10/20/30%.


The lowest rating of healing, lingering kindness, and support is used to produce a 10/20/30% hpbuffer on those you heal.

Available In Classes

Brother's Keeper 1
Cheerleader 1
Cihuacoatl Warrior 1
Classless 0.4
Combat Medic 1
Corporal 1
Desk Jockey 1
Drone Master 1
Milk Maiden 1
NanoTuner 1
Nurturer 1
Pack Rat 1
Police Officer 1
Social Agent 1
Strategist 1
Wasteland Paladin 1

Available In Roles

Buffer 2
Cleric 1
Healer 1
Model Citizen 2

The Regen of Lactaid lasts longer with this power too, it's not just buffs. As for the draining, examine Howl's drawback of applying a negative EnergyBreak to the subjects.