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You do more healing. Increase all healing by 5/10/15%. Includes regen effects. Only half effective when you are the receiver. Healing also allows hpbuffers to convert more efficiently into healswhen they expire. Base amount is 50%, +20% per rank of healing, max100%. Items, abilities, and other things that have 'healing' in thetype become faster charging (5%) per point of healing.

Available In Classes

Brother's Keeper 1
Classless 0.4
Combat Medic 1
Corporal 1
Den Keeper 1
Hedonist 1
Heroic Outlaw 1
Martyr 2
Milk Maiden 2
NanoTuner 1
Nurturer 1
Police Officer 1
Rainbow Warrior 1
Social Agent 2
Wasteland Paladin 1
Wind Blade 1

Available In Roles

Buffer 1
Cleric 2
Healer 2
Model Citizen 2