Multiplayer Updates/April 2012

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  • If you are renting a room from, for example, the Five Fingers Inn, you can use #lock and #unlock to bar the door. Anyone inside can #unlock it to prevent being trapped inside.
  • Dropping items does not send a message to the room you are in.
  • Xeno group skill upgrade works when looking at mutants.
  • g #who command will display current and maximum group members.
  • Stacking powers should stack again.
  • Using +vote to approve of someone's RP when you have run out of votes will ask to spend 10% mako battery charge.


  • Headbutt changed around a little bit to be more interesting. Now a fairly heavy hitter with moderate charge and some nice knockdown and a chance for some great knockdown.




  • New in the Elite Shop: Private Forum, allowing you to set up a section of the forums for you to run.
  • Friendly Bandoleer and Hostile Bandoleer added to the Survivalist shop. These allow the use of one expendable item in auto-combat.
    • And also debugged so they work properly.
    • Said debugging also resulted in Throwing Knives dealing more damage.
  • Damaged softly churrs, "When trying to spend mako and you don't have enough, if you have a credit card on file, it will ask you if you wish to donate from that card to get enough mako to pay for the thing ($5 minimum)"
  • Pack Leaders gained an active power Pack Leadership to keep their minions energetic.
  • The Eastern Highway of Fairhaven has another exit ramp.
  • Long Burning distill less terrible.


  • Fire Dance self-damage increased to match up with players having been given more HP some time back.


  • Engulf coded. Sticky!
  • AI lines set with powers you do not currently have will be ignored instead of tossing errors.


  • The Pack Leader dedication has arrived! Truly, this is a joyous day.


  • +glance now tells you if there's a source in the room.
  • You can now epic powers from the web interface! Hooray, modern convenience!
  • Prospector and Conservative Miner perks added.
  • Feesh got a little smarter. Sure spends a lot of time in school for such a lonely creature.
  • Pets summoned by monsters will have Pet: in front of their names, and not numbers, making targeting the parent infinitely easier.


  • Dropping a mako item will ask a second time if you are REALLY sure.


  • The ten-second minimum for autocombat rounds is being fiddled with. It is at 4 seconds at the time of this writing.
  • Action buttons will be hidden when it is not your turn on web combat. No more bait-and-switch buttons!
  • Salvage status, both generic and specific like ChemicalSalvage, no longer has a cap. Unfortunately it is a percentage modifier on your base salvage chance, ending up much smaller.
    • Clever Paws updated to be useful with the new salvage numbers. And now it increases the nanite vials you get too!
  • Assorted sources of salvage can be dropped into rooms to reward roleplaying with salvage.
  • Avatar will announce RP XP ticks in the tick channel. Tick ON!


  • Expansion backpacks make change. If you have enough items to activate your Small Nanopack but not your large one, the latter won't drain your battery that day. Duct Tape Backpack will always be checked last, alas.
  • Extravagant Implement recipe coded. Like the last one, this is a private recipe. Seek out the Mechanist's Guild!
    • You can tell because private recipes will show the owner's group in rpinfo.
  • Auto combat rounds can run no faster than 10 seconds per round. Apparently this will speed up the game.


  • Betraying powers, like Fire Dance, ignore resistances. They should simply do the level-scaled damage to you.
  • Protein Shield rebalanced. In short, it takes more effort the more you are spraying, and the CritHPBuffer means something.
  • Child Trainer added to the elite stores.
  • Unshielded Prototype recipe created. It is private. Aw.
    • +rpinfo now tells you if a recipe is private!


  • Cleansing distillation cleans more, to match other passive Debuffclear effects.
  • Sati softly churrs, "Non Roo/Child, pet summons are limited to 4 simultaneously. This includes equipment, and power/dedication summons should they come down the line. This was done to limit the effect of Mastermind to something controllable, and also allowed a dedication to get made, and was done under my request. I'm not certain anyone is using more than four so it shouldn't really affect anyone."
  • Your relative size to a target appears when you are looking at them, right before describing their skin. Everyone is so tiny! What is going on?


  • Almost all recipe modifiers (in fact, all but cool/protective/amplifying) got their ally status durations doubled. You don't have to spam that banner nearly as often now!
    • As a result, the energy cost of Banner and Amplifier went up significantly.
  • Passive effects of most distills moved upwards, as well.
  • Group founders can now set themselves to whatever rank they want. They remain leaders. Everyone else needs to be set 'leader' to attain that power though.
  • You can now use % to act as 'modulus' in string parsing, much like the other (+-*/) operands.
  • Time for some +reward overhauls!
    • +10% bonus XP is now +25% bonus XP!
    • That annoying +reward that upgraded items? GONE.
    • Got a mako battery recharge? Have a battery, too!
  • The Cred Energy Rejuvinator got discounted, from 5 mako down to 2.
  • Blood Extractor coded, and put in the token shop.


  • Newbie items are now handed out at level 20, so they'll be useful until you can start getting your feet wet with crafting.
  • Children and Roo pets no longer show up for upgrading on the web page. They're going to go hungry. :<
  • Minor creature creator tweaks:
    • The sayverb boxes are now large enough to see what you're writing
    • There is a box to specify size. Remember that 5 is human-sized, and the scale is not in feet. Really.
  • You now see victories again when mentored up or down. You can once again experience joy while seriously overpowering level 5 skunk girls.
  • Ranger role added. Health, Penetration, and Roll with It!
  • Commissar role added. Tactician, Rage, and Avoidance. Also heresy.
  • Pregnancy Simulators, in light, medium, and heavy versions, added to the elite store for 15 mako apiece.


  • Nuku carols, "DoTs from player sources cannot cause infections"
  • Pages sent to another player will have timestamps. Your 'page #last' will be easier to read.
  • Kitsune Now has Victory messages! (Perhaps we should start worrying about them now...)


  • Web combat has a Refresh button, in case it appears to have stalled.
  • Roll With It and Tar Baby have a diminishing chance to activate with hits smaller than the threshold. Much more likely to happen in ordinary combat.
  • Training resources now cost the same on the web and in direct control.
  • Damage combat skill will decrease the amount of damage lost when something evades your attacks.
  • Web salvage missions now tend to not be quite so long.
  • A new status, Vampiric! Gives all your direct damage powers a (magnitude)% vampiric effect.


  • No more Easter eggs! Existing ones still work, so crack 'em open.
  • The various salvage-boosting items, like Cooler, slotted. You can only prefer one kind of salvage at a time.
  • Web combat has a longer attention span. You won't fall automated if you don't click a button within ten seconds.


  • Happy Easter! Monsters are now dropping Easter Eggs. Open them up for a surprise!
    • Bunny and rabbit enemies are more likely to drop eggs.
    • Zombies are not likely to drop them, being too stupid to remember to find any.
    • Eggs are also available for 1 mako apiece in the elite store, if you are a silly person.
  • The inventory section of the web interface has been completely remodeled!
  • The follow code (the stuff you use hopon and handup to use) now defaults to the 'walk' option, instead of the 'ride' option.
    • Want to write your own follow text? Type 'ride #help2' to get started!
  • Web salvage missions now only use one patrol point at a time, but require twice as many patrols.
  • Invasive Procedure coded.


  • The Survival skill now reduces environmental penalties by 10% per point.
  • Did you know that energymod abilities, but positive and negative, were twice as powerful in combat? Well, if you didn't, now you know why Rest isn't going as far as you thought it should.
  • The military base is now stamped as High Danger, which means people will come to your aid in web battles there.
  • New holiday form, just under the wire! Marshmallow Chicken is available for a limited time.
  • Expansiveness brought in line with other AoE abilities; now twice as nice!



  • Myriad Armor had a math error; its damage resists went up a bit.
  • Conductive and Solid Frame are a little stronger now, to bring them up to speed with the other discounts to energy powers.
  • Sharpshooter now has an energy upgrade, so it's not quite so tiring.
  • Powerthirst was renamed to Ultraquench. Curse you, copyright law!
  • You're now a little more likely to find builder nanites after a fight when not equipped with a collector.


  • Least EN AI block added to RSX's store.
  • Busty Succubus and Raised Pharaoh don't spawn zombies due to lag issues. Just like old times!
  • Durability, Avoidance and Health combat skills reduce the size of direct heals you apply by 3% per point. Makes non-tank support more useful.
  • The +census master command will list what people have chosen to make epic.
  • Energy recovery outside battle is doubled. Less annoying downtime.
  • Fengrove Hills and Fengrove Caves opened to the public! Look for them on the Fairhaven overworld, near the corn maze.


  • Damaged softly churrs, "Added [if status (status name) of (target) (>/</=/!=) (number)] and [status (status name) of (target)] to string parsing"
    • This can, for example, allow a victory to compare your accuracy against their defense. Or change your description if you have more damagebuff than the looker.
  • Further string parsing: Damaged softly churrs, "[systime] will return the current unix system time in string parsing"
  • Monotreme Activator description made more accurate.
  • XP and credit rate below level 20 increased.


  • Attack status now applies to DOTs.
    • Increases the magnitude of the status by its own mag, to a maximum of one-third increase.
    • Nuku carols, "So Attack 2 + DoT 2 = 2.6"
    • Nuku carols, "Attack 2 + DoT 6 = 8"
  • Website right-side bar shows XP and credits needed for next level.
  • Celestial Attendant has moved back to his pool, placed where it used to be on the Mountain Path.


  • All updates are now done retroactively, their effects propagated back through to the past.
  • A bunch of silliness with names has been introduced
    • Silliness retroactively deleted. This is a serious game.
  • The Mall Rats have decided to start collecting all of the shinies. Luck of the Rat is now massively more powerful.